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Continuous Testing for Continuous Delivery: What Does it Mean in Practice?

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Today continuous delivery is enabling modern organizations to become leaders in fast-emerging, technology-driven markets

To deliver software that accurately reflects constantly changing user needs, more organizations are moving toward continuous delivery. Continuous testing helps ensure that quality is built in from the requirements, while validating each component at the development level before it enters the system.

Continuous testing is integrated into an end-to-end continuous delivery ecosystem that’s capable of taking an idea from design to operations at speed, without compromising quality.

This whitepaper provides insights on how to iteratively and accurately capture the desired user functionality by continuous testing.

In this whitepaper:

Barriers to Continuous Testing: A Choice between Speed and Quality

Creating production-like test environments

The End-to-End Continuous Delivery Ecosystem

Continuous testing in the deployed QA environment does not stop with functionality