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ISS Group: Building a Hygienic and Safe Workplace

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Group CEO, Jeff Gravenhorst,ISS-GroupJeff Gravenhorst, Group CEO
With the world coming to a standstill since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, terms such as “hygiene,” “sanitisation,” “lockdown,” have become the new buzzwords and rightfully so. Until the world wakes to the discovery of a potent drug, the only way to restrict the spread of the virus is by maintaining a clean and healthy regime. With lockdowns getting relaxed in some parts of the world, several organisations are gearing up to welcome back their employees. With the virus still prevalent amongst us, companies need to take extra precautionary measures that meet the highest standards of disinfection and hygiene control. The safety of the workplace will invariably bolster the performance of the employees by putting their concerns to rest. But how will enterprises make it happen? ISS Group has the answer. With its state-of-art services, the company provides them with a “PURE SPACE” that can rest their fears and focus on performance.

The PURE SPACE solution by ISS is designed to ensure the highest level of hygiene and enable the people to connect better with the places they need to be in. PURE SPACE is principally based on three dimensions–well-being, hygiene, and verification. The robust product helps clients enhance their standards of safety and cleanliness by providing accurate data needed to maintain hygiene, troubleshoot the risk of virus spread and contamination, and boost overall security.

Since its inception in 1901, ISS has focused on making workplaces a second home for the clients. Initially, the company used to offer watchmen to local businesses, thereby connecting people and places. To date, ISS has firmly believed that people make places and places make people. To bolster this inter-dependable relationship, the company is partnering with customers and helping them in their strategic planning, operations, and others to build places that work, think, and give. ISS deploys data, insights, and knowledge to develop innovative strategies and intelligent solutions to meet the complex realities of service delivery.
This helps the company to manage risk, reduce cost, and ensure consistency. Furthermore, the company’s caring attitude to build and nurture an environment that makes life easier, productive, and enjoyable is the primary reason why customers prefer ISS over the others in the market.

ISS utilises its century-long experience to help customers reach places that meet their expectations and their full potential. The smart, integrated facility services provided by the company can optimise organisations’ profitability, boost efficiency, and gain a competitive edge–all while freeing customers to focus on their core business. ISS adapts to clients’ needs and ongoing transformations, and is omni-present to help customers’ achieve the best outcomes, irrespective of the vertical they belong to. Moreover, ISS’s proficient team does not limit itself to providing only services but also helps them walk the extra mile. The team comprises of experts from across the service industry who offer a wide range of bespoke services such as cleaning, food, security, technical, support, and workplace in a broad spectrum of sectors like aviation, banking, tech firms, manufacturing, life sciences, healthcare, and more.

To elaborate, the custom cleaning services of ISS offers smart technology, best-in-class products, and expertly trained personnel to ensure that all the places people visit are not only spotless but also safe, clean, and hygienic. Furthermore, through its integrated food services across industries and continents, ISS is setting a new health and well-being standards while promoting sustainability and a happier dining experience. With experts who understand the importance of a balanced diet, ISS is fueling productivity and nutrition in an unprecedented manner.

Besides, ISS helps keep its customers’ business secure and resilient by strengthening teams, building robust safety cultures, and shaping strong and reputable workplaces worldwide. Also, ISS provides a well-maintained workplace that houses the optimal conditions for productivity, safety, and helps customer develop a strong reputation. The company essentially combines local delivery and understanding, with global coverage and consistency, thereby adding value to its customers’ portfolio, and subsequently minimises risks and costs.

In essence, ISS curates a workplace–undoubtedly the core center of organisations–that motivates the employees to deliver and drive the business objectives, attracts fresh talents, and inspires people to be more productive by keeping them healthy and safe. For ISS, helping clients build safe and hygienic environments in their workplaces is a natural progression toward growth. Going forward, under the leadership of Jeff Gravenhorst, Group CEO, ISS will further augment its capabilities and make a positive impact in the disinfection and sanitisation space.
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Copenhagen, Denmark

Jeff Gravenhorst, Group CEO

ISS is a leading workplace experience and facility management company that provides place-making solutions. These solutions effectively contribute to better business performance and optimise productivity. ISS believes that people make places and places make people, and hence delivers high standard services to its customers. From strategy through to operations, ISS partners with customers to deliver places that work, think, and give. Customers prefer ISS because it can create, manage, and maintain environments that make life easier, more productive, and enjoyable

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