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StellaPop: Building Brands that Attract Top Talent

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Angie O’Grady, StellaPop, COOAngie O’Grady, COO
The millennials aim to work for a company that doesn’t just offer good salary but purpose and professional development. Moving beyond the ‘job satisfaction’ cliche, modern workers aim to represent a brand that promotes close communication, collaboration, and continuous feedback from their managers and the management. Being part of the Internet and the social media epoch, they expect their employers to not only be more visible on digital platforms but also provide them the avenues to complete their work from anywhere. To find the right candidate in such a scenario, companies need to develop the knack of making a lasting first impression and building a relationship from the word go. Virginia-based StellaPop offers management as well as HR and creative consulting services that enable organizations to find and engage quality candidates. StellaPop’s core objective is to transform organizations into brands that stand out in the crowd and catch the eyes of the deserving workforce. “We facilitate business growth by developing a brand message that strikes the right chord with the ideal candidates for their unique business requirements,” says Angie O’Grady, COO of StellaPop.

StellaPop guides clients to achieve an attractive online and offline presence with a relevant brand message. “Be it, one person or fifty individuals that are required, we bring the same commitment to our every client,” says Angie. In developing an efficient brand message for its clients, StellaPop identifies their values, culture, and focuses on showcasing their uniqueness and advantage in the market to attract young talent. The company builds effective strategy, design, and ideas to redraw and redefine the tagline, mission, brand research and development, strategic brand story, and client persona. Besides, it also offers startup consultation. While building a memorable brand, the company designs striking logos, brochures, postcards, flyers, and annual reports.
Also, to cater to the needs of today’s Internet-driven era, StellaPop develops immersive websites and applications that attract young prospects to comprehend the company’s values and uniqueness easily. Promotional giveaways, presentations, and stationery trimmed to the interest of the targeted talent pool find a core position in branding as young talents associate with them closely.

The unprecedented transparency and trust offered by StellaPop make the company a prizedpossession for organizations to work with, as it makes both clients and their prospective candidates feel valued

At the outset, StellaPop strives to thoroughly analyze the client’s mission, vision, requirements, and goals. “We understand our client’s business in detail and discover the growth opportunities they offer to their prospective employees,” says Mike O’Grady, CEO of the company. “Crucial for us is to get their definition of the right employee.” By branding and designing clients’ portfolios, it ensures that the diverse opportunities and benefits for employees are highlighted appropriately. What’s more, it takes into consideration candidates’ interests, needs, and the challenges they might encounter while working for a particular company. This unprecedented transparency and trust offered by StellaPop makes the company prized-possession for organizations to work with, as it makes both clients and their prospective candidates feel valued. A case in point, a company approached StellaPop for quality HR professionals who could focus on meeting the unique demands of the customers in terms of their talent requirements for a particular role. StellaPop managed to recruit 30 talented individuals for this client and helped them transform their organization.

StellaPop believes in offering meaningful assistance to maximize clients’ hiring outcomes. Its ability to stay committed to clients’ needs separates them in the market. Backed by such passion, the company aspires to keep its clients in lockstep with the evolving needs of the modern workforce and create brands that have a consistent and impressive digital presence.

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