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The Dow Chemical Company: A New Frontier in Packaging Realm

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Jim Fitterling , The-Dow-Chemical-Company, CEOJim Fitterling , CEO
It is well-known that while browsing through the aisles of retail stores, great packaged products are the ones that enhance shelf appeal and attract the consumer’s attention. Today, packaging has proved to be one of the key factors in defining and building brand identity. As demand for packaging is on an upward trajectory across all the industry segments, The Dow Chemical Company is moving in a direction ahead of its time to offer novel packaging solutions.

Since the 1940s, The Dow Chemical Company is playing a crucial role in the packaging industry with its innovative packaging material and technologies that address packaging needs across every industry. A key factor that has kept The Dow in business and at the top of its game, for so long is that it is constantly looking for innovations. Jim Fitterling, CEO of The Dow says, “If we don’t keep up with the pace of innovation today, we become commoditized. Then it will be tough for us to gain a competitive edge.” Whether it’s creating sustainable packaging to keep food fresher or developing new medical packaging material to help improve safety –The Dow spans it all. The company provides packaging solutions to a broad spectrum of industries, including silage, cosmetics, food and beverage, medical, printing, and retail. The main idea that drives Dow’s packaging solutions is to help businesses increase their acceptance among the young generation.

The Dow’s R&D team works on analytical science, materials engineering and modeling, high throughput capabilities, formulation science, catalysis and synthesis, and engineering science to drive the innovation. Also, the Dow collaborates with industry leaders, government and non-government organizations to work on the specific product that the company wants to launch. The company is also increasing capabilities for customers to order materials online and track the shipment.

It is important for everyone to design their next generation products keeping sustainability in mind. Because if we fail, then we’re going to do more damage to the global environment

The skilled team at Dow strives hard to meet and exceed the client's expectations, using proprietary PacXpert™ Packaging technology. This technology enables the transition from traditional rigid containers to flexible packaging design that is sustainable and convenient. The distinctive flexible stand-up pouch is durable, lightweight, and cost-effective.

The Dow has built Pack Studios, a development centers that provide customers an opportunity to collaborate and leverage their technical expertise, product portfolio, and application testing capabilities to accelerate packaging innovations.

As one of the few openly-gay CEO, Fitterling emphasizes the importance of inclusion of the best of minds from different backgrounds and leads Dow’s drive to diversify its global talent. He serves actively as executive sponsor of Dow’s African American Network. Fitterling is widely recognized for his work supporting LGBT non-discrimination and LGBT+ workplace equality. In 2018 he was named #1 LGBT+ Executive on the “Outstanding in Business” list published by The Financial Times.

In a bid to their eco-friendly packaging solution, The Dow has commercialized first certified renewable low-density polyethylene and developed a RecycleReady Technology. This eco-friendly packaging solution offers manufacturers a sustainable packaging system that allows them to create flexible packaging that can be easily recycled through existing polyethylene film recycle streams. Also, the company has reduced carbon dioxide emissions at their Texas City operations. On a concluding note, Fitterling says, “It is important for everyone to design their next generation products keeping sustainability in mind; because if we fail, then we’re going to do more damage to the global environment.”
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Jim Fitterling , CEO

Specializes in material science-based sustainable packaging solutions for consumer packaged goods and food service companies

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