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Treselle Systems: Taming Data Variety is Key for Big Data Analytics

In today’s IT market, the major attribute that most clients seek is versatility. With the explosion of IT companies world-wide, there is no shortage for choice in the market. In such a scenario, most clients prefer a one-stop solution to all their IT needs. Competition at this level is always severe and every year several companies go out of business due to their inability to adapt to the growing trends of the IT industry. At such a time companies that are capable of maintaining a growing clientele are truly the ones that have proved their worth in the market. One such company that has stood the test of time is Treselle Systems. Based in Campbell, CA, this IT company has been around since 2004 and has been providing Big Data, Cloud computing, Database Management and Technology Integration solutions.

With the traditional methods of data analysis being deemed extinct companies embracing big data technologies now face the difficult task on several fronts starting with strategy, roadmap and a proper big data reference architecture. Treselle has advised clients on these as well as on the growing data variety challenge, processing of disparate data sources, data stores, and data delivery. When such foundational elements are properly positioned, Treselle believes that clients can then use data mining to glean insights, create analytics and visual representations for making important business decisions. Sudharsan Madabusi, CEO, Treselle explains, “As a client-centric organization, Treselle consistently strives to understand its client’s needs as well as stays close to observing industry trends in the big data space. This has allowed us to develop, hone, and systematize a set of practices that have evolved as some of our core competencies.”

For emerging companies as well companies new to the Big Data industry it is crucial to learn about the new field by relating them to their core expertise and gain knowledge as they grow in the market. Madabusi elaborates on how Treselle got familiar with the concept of Big Data when they were new to the industry “We realized way ahead that when entering an emerging new field such as Big Data, it is prudent to focus on areas that align with our core competencies, develop expertise in these, and add other adjacencies as we grow”.Apart from having technological infrastructure and resources, it is also crucial to have the manpower to back the company up in its multi-year endeavors.Madabusi recalls how Treselle has been helping a Silicon Valley startup build a Big Data SaaS application with an entire team of front end, back end engineers and scientists.

As a client-centric organization, Treselle consistently strives to understand its client’s needs as well as stays close to observing industry trends in the big data space

Treselle’s client centered approach and their Big Data expertise in data variety, data ingestion, machine learning, text mining, ontologies, data visualization, and others has earned the company their peers’ respect. With the future holding various prospects for the ever-developing IT industry, Treselle has its position firmly cemented in the market with its areas of expertise firmly branching into all three major aspects of IT namely Big Data, Cloud computing and Mobile. This is one IT company that is well equipped to handle and adapt to all the changes and advancements that the IT industry would throw at them. With a projected business growth of 300% in the next year Treselle is all set to establish itself
Sudharsan Madhabusi, CEO