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25 Most Promising Big Data Services Vendors - 2015

NorthBay Solutions: Turning Data into Insight

Brian Barker, CEO
Today’s infinitely expanding universe of data offers great rewards for those companies who can turn data into information - and then turn that information into actionable insight. The promise of Big Data analytics is that companies can analyze thousands of points of information about the digital activity of their client and combine it with their knowledge of coming trends and realities of their market to anticipate and move proactively to dramatically improve their interactions with their client.
According to Brian Barker, CEO of NorthBay “The challenge is to identify the important factors in order to grow the business or to make the business more efficient and sift through and rapidly extract those nuggets from the sea of information available.”
Successful companies have told us that one key for success is to find the right partner to help you to mine the veins of actionable information that are generated every day and global giants such as Morgan Stanley, EMC, FedEx, Amazon, and Humanahave put their trust in NorthBay Solutions, a firm that designs and develops enterprise-class Big Data solutions.
NorthBay, a Kendall Square, Cambridge, MA based consulting company has extensive expertise in Big Data Analytics with, Data Warehousing and Cloud BI, often in the AWS environment. Founded in 2010, this company has developed a huge clientele which includes a long list of elite companies, along with some of the world’s most innovative startups, in a very compressed time-frame. Earning the trust of some of the world’s most successful companies involves understanding what those companies need on a visceral level, engaging superior technological resources, a business model that works and most importantly delivering consistent high impact results. NorthBay uses an entire arsenal of the industry’s most advanced tools to produce results and can consistently select the right elements from plethora of choices in the “Big Data Zoo” - but it also differentiates itself in
several additional ways. In specific verticals like Ad-Tech, Financial Services, and Ed Tech, NorthBay has hard-won domain expertise that would not be easy to replicate.
Additionally, NorthBay is able to handle semistructured and unstructured data along with traditionally structured data sources.
Finally, NorthBay delivers results via its Catapult™ process the first step of which is the NorthBay Big Data Jump Start™.This method provides the most efficient results in

NorthBay uses an entire arsenal of the industry’s most advanced tools to produce results and can consistently select the right elements from plethora of choices in the “Big Data Zoo

the shortest period of time by pairing NorthBay teams working collectively with the client to rapidly identify multiple use cases - selecting the most efficient use for the first deliverable - which typically delivers tangible results in a matter of weeks. The final deliverable of the NorthBay Big Data Jump Start™ provides a topographical roadmap for their clients to follow and implement other identified uses case. This provides the clients with know-how to get around their technical problems with quite a bit of ease.
The constantly changing technology and the demand that it thereby creates, often puts a lot of pressure on the companies. For a company to thrive in this market, it must be able to understand and adapt to the changing technology in the market and also have a stable financial foundation. Those who manage to cope with the changes and the pressure generated therein are the ones that are more likely to succeed in the long run. In the case of NorthBay this is a fact that is true to the very last word. Having achieved so much in the industry already with quite a few accolades and Amazon lauding them as one of their leading cloud Big Data partners, NorthBayis slated to rise to the top of the market.