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25 Most Promising Big Data Services Vendors - 2015

Cloudwick: Powering Data Driven Enterprises

A couple of years ago, big data was just a buzzword and companies were struggling to understand its role in their strategies. Today, leading enterprises are redefining their businesses with the power of data, which has increased the need for big data systems integrators. As traditional system integrators find themselves at a loss to meet enterprise big data business requirements, the stage is set for new big data system integrators that can help organizations develop new data products, services and solutions, gain new market and consumer intelligence and achieve competitive business advantage using data to plan and make better business decisions.
Having identified the need by enterprises for these professional services and outsourced solutions, Mani Chhabra founded Cloudwick in 2010, a leading big data systems integrator and service provider for the Global 1000. The company provides Hadoop, Cassandra, Spark and Cloud services, including pilot to production system integration, staffing, professional services such as quickstart programs, and onsite and remote managed services. It didn’t take long for Cloudwick to gain a leadership position in the market, and within a span of four years Mani has grown the company’s customer base to include these

Cloudwick’s talented pool of big data professionals helped the company achieve in 2014 such prestigious honors as Cloudera’s Data Impact Award and DataStax’s Partner of the Year

leading big data enterprises - Nike, Bank of America, Target, Walmart, Visa, Intuit, AIG and 3M, to name a few.
“Cloudwick’s talented pool of big data professionals helped the company achieve in 2014 such prestigious honors as Cloudera’s Data Impact Award and DataStax’s Partner of the Year,”said Mani Chhabra, Cloudwick Founder & CEO.
Where does Cloudwick find its Big Data engineers and developers, you ask? “We don’t ‘find’our consultants, we develop them. We hire graduates with Masters in Computer Science degrees with enterprise IT experience and wetrain them at Cloudwick’s Big Data Boot Camp for four months, where
Mani Chhabra , CEO
they’re trained in distributed computing, including administration and development for Cloudera, Hortonworks, DataStax, Databricks, Spark and AWS. Our trained and certified Hadoop, Spark and Cassandra administrators, developers and data scientists have hundreds of successful big data clusters in production with leading enterprises,” explained Mani.
Cloudwick has become a strategic systems integrator partner to the leading big data vendors like Cloudera, Hortonworks, DataStax, Databricks, AWS and Microsoft Azure. As customers require new use cases, the company expands or introduces new partnerships and invests in additional training to support additional technologies. According to Dr. Katy Ring, Research Director, IT Services, 451 Research, “Cloudwick has a clearly differentiated approach that is proving successful with very big blue-chip enterprises … investing in training in order to build its skills base as it grows, and expanding its technology partnerships as its customer base seeks different types of use cases.”
With Mani’s vision, the company’s partnership strategies and the talented engineers, Cloudwick has gained a leadership reputation in the industry. Its client list includes an impressive collection of such leading enterprises as 3M, Bank of America, Visa, Comcast, Nike, Intuit, FINRA, NetApp, Target, Walmart, and more than 50 others.

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