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HR Solutions by Design: Culture Driven Human Capital Solutions

President, Cindy Beresh-Bryant,HR-Solutions-by-DesignCindy Beresh-Bryant, President
Employee motivation is undoubtedly a catalyst for steering an enterprise towards milestones faster. Instilling a sense of worth in its workforce, offering constructive feedback and creating an employee-friendly work environment, doesn’t merely accelerate employee productivity but also amplifies enterprise growth. “A leader needs to imagine himself in the shoes of an employee to comprehend a worker’s needs and wants (including complaints) so they can bridge the gaps between individual expectations with organizational goals,” says Cindy Beresh-Bryant, President of HR Solutions by Design.

The Tennessee-based firm tailors HR solutions for its clients based on their core founding values and philosophies and believes that nurturing a positive organizational culture (OC) is an organization’s ONLY true competitive advantage. 64 percent of Millennials would rather make $40K a year at a job they love, than $100K a year at a job they think is boring. (The Columbus Dispatch, Study Conducted by the Intelligence Group, 2014), thus OC is quite important, perhaps even more than a fat pay packet, to keep millennial employees motivated.

Founded in 2009, the American firm is driven by the motto ‘It’s not what you say you do, it’s your actions that define your organizational culture!’ HR Solutions by Design prioritizes delivery of customized human capital solutions designed to support an intentional, strategic OC over devising tactical program based merely on a client’s core competency. These include HR on-demand outsourcing, human capital consulting, talent management, and organizational development.

HR Solutions by Design helps its clients tackle a string of human resource challenges such as ensuring competitive compensation, structuring efficient HR processes and systems, leadership deficiencies, and losing talent to compete. Beresh-Bryant, an industry veteran with over two decades of experience, started the company to cater to the needs of small and medium-sized organizations predominantly. The suite of services offered by the company also includes deployment of certified HR professionals to client workspaces and can be availed on a timeframe basis. Additionally, HR Solutions by Design offers learning and development programs to instill ethics and hone current and future skills in client organizations.

HR Solutions by Design helps clients tackle today’s tough challenges such as ensuring competitive compensation, strengthening leadership capabilities, and acquiring and retaining top talent to achieve the business strategy

Beresh-Bryant cites an example of a manufacturing company her organization assisted recently to emphasize the importance of employee motivation and its ability to empower clients. The mid-sized organization had employed merely fifty, when it sought HR Solutions by Design's expertise to devise an effective people strategy to retain the best employees. The organization wanted to motivate its workforce in the best way possible, although it couldn't afford to compete with pay like larger enterprises belonging to the HR landscape. However, the client firmly believed that it's equally important for employees to assist other team members in the accomplishment of organizational goals, apart from being an individual contributor. Based on this philosophy and comprehensive research of employee motivational factors, HR Solutions by Design implemented a couple of employee reward programs. While one was a service award program to honor the employee for his contribution, the other was a list of perks to choose from. The perks suggested were a suite of sponsored hospitality services such as house-keeping, essential oils and spa sessions, which possibly could make a better emotional impact on employee psyche than the age-old monetary bonuses.

The firm believes, and research firms bears out, that tweaks in a company's organizational culture (OC) aimed at using OC as an intentional people strategy to create a decisive competitive advantage by improving retention rate, productivity, quality, safety and other measurables.

Beresh-Bryant recently penned a book titled 'OC Equation – Unleashing Your Employees’ Passion, Potential and Performance through Organizational Culture' which emphasizes the role of organizational culture in helping an organization gain a competitive financial advantage. She recommends the book to enterprises striving towards employee satisfaction and effective utilization of its workforce's capabilities to accelerate organizational growth and revamping their culture. "The workforce of most organizations consists of individuals belonging to different generations, mindsets, strengths, and weaknesses. A positive, motivating work culture helps management effectively leverage individual's strength and in turn propel organizational growth," concludes Bryant.
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HR Solutions by Design

Cindy Beresh-Bryant, President

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