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Siemens PLM Software: Riding The Innovation Wave

Dr. Jan Leuridan, SVP
The global market for Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) is projected to reach USD 65.8 Billion by 2022, driven by the growing focus on disruptive product innovation and the ensuing need for technology solutions that help align product development, processes, systems, and investments with business objectives. With the product value chain becoming a complex ecosystem of suppliers, partners, customers, designers, and contract manufacturers, the need for quality PLM companies is acute. Given PLM's potential to drive profitability and efficiency, adoption rates are rising across a broad range of industries such as packaging, pharmaceuticals, construction, oil and gas, life sciences, transportation, automobile, mining, among others. In this context, Siemens PLM Software – the computer software juggernaut specializing in 3D and 2D PLM software, serves as an excellent solution.

Siemens PLM, a business unit of the Siemens Digital Factory is at the center stage of driving the PLM strategy from an end-to-end perspective. The industry giant identifies itself as a ‘market disruptor monetizing on innovation’. Consistently recognized as the market leader in collaborative Product Definition management (cPDm) and Digital Manufacturing market segments, Siemens continues to lead the way in generating data growth and S&A revenue. The company is a leading global provider of software, systems, and services in the areas of managing the PLM and MOM (Manufacturing Operations Management) with over 15 million licenses sold and 140,000 customers worldwide. It helps companies achieve a sustainable competitive advantage by realizing their important innovations.

Road to Digitization

The company helps thousands of companies achieve change by optimizing their processes, from planning and development through manufacturing, production, and support. Dr. Jan Leuridan, Senior Vice President, Siemens PLM, and his team envision a world of smart, connected products where markets can vanish with a single innovation, see Siemens as the ‘enabler’ of that innovation. By taking a brand new approach to manufacturing, the firm looks to anticipate trends by gathering data from product usage and feeding it back into product ideation. Often, companies lack the expertise to realize the next step towards innovation, which at the end of the day is a vital cog in the wheel. Siemens believes Digitization is the way forward. ‘Manufacturers must weave a digital thread through ideation, realization, and utilization’. With a completely optimized ‘Digital Enterprise’ manufacturers can better initiate and respond to disruptive innovation. Moreover, here’s where Siemens comes into the picture with their ‘Smart Innovation Portfolio’.

Smart Innovation Portfolio activates digitization by engaging users by delivering transformative information at the right time and in a suitable context. Additionally, Intelligent models that evolve throughout the process optimizing themselves to be built and perform–Realize products that achieve business goals through the integration of virtual product definition and real production execution and finally, an adaptive system that helps efficiently deploy solutions for today while maintaining flexibility for future. The firm’s parent company, Siemens AG shares their mission of helping customers thrive in the era of smart innovation. The company’s ‘‘Digital Enterprise Software Suite’’ extends digitalization from development and operations through production – and works with the Smart Innovation Portfolio to help effect innovation.

Manufacturing Operations Management Software

The Siemens Manufacturing Operations Management software portfolio enables clients to implement a strategy for the complete digitalization of manufacturing operations. Working together to optimize production processes within the Digital Enterprise, Manufacturing Operations Management software products focus on improving efficiency, flexibility, and time-to-market, including solutions that address, Manufacturing execution systems, Advanced planning and scheduling, Quality implementation, Manufacturing intelligence, SCADA, and R&D management for process industries.

The Company’s "Digital Enterprise Software Suite" Extends Digitalization From Development And Operations through Production – and Works With the Smart Innovation Portfolio to Help Realize Innovation

Industries and Vectors

Siemens PLM delivers its array of solutions into a variety of industries. Their clientele is spread across industries like Aerospace and Defense, Automotive and Transportation, Consumer products and Retail, Electronics and Semiconductor, Energy and Utilities, Medical Devices and Pharmaceuticals and much more. Its solutions portfolio differs and are functionally unique from each other catering to a wide range of customer needs and requirements. For instance, Active Integration provides a collaborative framework between Teamcenter and other enterprise application systems to enable bi-directional information exchange, making the right data available anywhere across enterprises. Additive manufacturing enables companies to reshape everything for optimal performance at a reduced cost. NX provides integrated software applications for additive manufacturing that allow clients to reimagine products quickly, retool manufacturing and rethink business models. The company serves a multitude of purposes with customized portfolios and frameworks of solutions for each with added flair. Catchbook, Fibersim, Mastertrim, Omneo, Tecnomatix, are some of the other notable solutions in the organization's repertoire.

Being a market leader in the sectors they serve, Siemens has had several cases where it showcased its full range of services and solutions to help companies overcome their industry challenges. One of them was the case of Land Rover BAR using Siemens PLM software to develop a race boat for the 2017 America’s Cup. In the middle of 2014, the Land Rover BAR team began a 2.5- year timetable to design, evaluate, and verify an ACC (America’s Cup Class) catamaran. Crucially, teams are not allowed to launch their America’s Cup Class catamarans until 150 days before the first event of the 2017 America’s Cup Qualifiers. The bulk of design, analysis, and performance testing must be completed on much smaller-scale test models. The Land Rover BAR team used NX software and Teamcenter software from PLM specialist Siemens PLM Software to create an integrated virtual environment for digital modeling and simulation. Siemens PLM’s NX and Teamcenter software solution enabled complex design and analysis to help optimize sailboat performance ultimately aiding the company’s entry into one of America’s historical and most revered cup competition.

Present and the Future

The company is driven within and from a customer perspective by their core values of Responsibility- Committed to ethical and responsible actions, Pursuit of Excellence, Innovativeness - Creating a sustainable value for customers, and Maximizing value in an Open world. As an organization, Siemens was among the first not only to adopt these principles but also to receive global certification for their business processes. They continue to monitor feedback from their customers and the internal mechanisms for measuring the effectiveness of our methods to improve the products and services provided continually. Siemens PLM Software believes quality is achieved through continuous improvement and driven by a commitment to excellence and the realization that quality depends entirely on each customer’s definition of success and our ability to meet these expectations and requirements. These principles are summarized in the company’s mantra ‘never let a client fail’. Also, the firm contributes to communities around the globe by sharing Academic Partnerships, Strategic Affiliations, Regional productivity programs, and Academic projects and competitions.

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