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NEC Corporation of America: Redefining Cloud Infrastructure for a Wide Spectrum of Industries

Larry Levenberg, VP
With a history spanning more than 117 years, NEC has long learned how to stay ahead of technology curves to remain relevant in the market.

Take Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) as an example. By design, public cloud providers have designed their cloud environments to be flexible and run a variety of different applications for a wide array of business purposes. But these public cloud solutions are not always secure, nor are they necessarily compliant with industry or government regulations, meaning high risk and high cost to maintain and migrate. For these reasons coupled with a rapidly changing technology landscape, both public clouds and on premise data centers are starting to see competition from private and hybrid cloud offerings, such as NEC’s IaaS offering with Iron Mountain.

“As a company with such a long history and broad portfolio of technologies, NEC’s expertise spans many sectors including public safety, defense, government, healthcare, education and more,” says Larry Levenberg, Vice President, NEC Corporation of America. “You’ll often hear us say our company’s global development teams build solutions for the Smart Enterprise, with a focus on driving safety, security, and operational efficiency.”

As a designer of IT solutions for on premise and cloud-based offerings, NEC designs and builds technology with open architectures that can adapt to changing needs rapidly. For example, the company was a founding member of the teams that developed open networking standards (namely OpenFlow), which resulted in today’s Software Defined Networking (SDN) technology. NEC uses SDN in its secure private cloud offering, and offers it to customers as an on premise solution to help companies become more nimble and achieve competitive advantages. NEC’s Fault Tolerant servers, general purpose servers and M-Series disk array and flash-based storage solutions are configurable as high-availability platforms, radically reducing hardware, support, and licensing requirements along with the complexity to deploy and manage infrastructure.

Putting all of this cloud infrastructure into action with its private IaaS offering, NEC is now working with IQ Business Group (IQBG) to deliver its private cloud solutions. IQBG needed a custom design to meet its federal customer’s requirements to reduce storage and operational costs and serve their security needs. IQBG’s private cloud platform uses NEC’s advanced N-block™ technology, including Programmable Flow Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Red Hat’s Cloud Suite for self-service functionality. The solution also enhances performance and gives IQBG the ability to market capabilities to government and enterprise clients whose primary business needs are high security and reliability for risk mitigation and regulatory compliance.

As a company with such a long history and broad portfolio of technologies, NEC’s expertise spans many sectors including public safety, defense, government, healthcare, education, and more

With the next release of the DX2000 high-density server integrated into these solutions, NEC will aim to change the IT industry’s perspective on compute. The DX2000 micro-module server offers SSD of up to 512 GB per module with low latency processing and also provides hyper-dense architecture in a 3U standard rack chassis, offering easy deployment and management.

The company’s longtime agreements with SAP, VMware, Red Hat, Veeam, NetBackup, Microsoft, AVST, and Lenel helps them build, deploy and manage environments to minimize risk and uncertainty while maximizing uptime. With these agreements in place, NEC offers custom configured solutions to ensure optimal performance and support. As an early technology provider in the Iron Mountain Marketplace, NEC’s IaaS services use industry standard software and industry leading physical data center services. Iron Mountain’s WPA-1 facility in Western Pennsylvania is a secure facility 200 feet underground, with the ability to meet all government and industry regulatory environments.

NEC can also integrate with several backup technologies including, Veeam, VeritasNetBackup, and Commvault with its HYDRA stor grid storage and backup solution to deliver easy to use, high performing infrastructure solutions. With its ability to support three generations of hardware in the same system, it minimizes bandwidth requirements and automates offsite data replication to the cloud. Built on the N-Block™ hyper-converged infrastructure architecture, the solution offers a unique approach to long-term storage and data recovery (DR). The converged solution providing Servers, Storage, Backup Storage, and SDN maximizes efficiency, while reducing total cost of ownership for mid-sized enterprises.

NEC has also long been a leader in the enterprise communications space, where it has developed UNIVERGE® 3C, a software-based unified communications and collaboration solution which offers mobile applications for both iOS and Android. The company has deployed this solution at a county government, Chatham County, North Carolina. UNIVERGE 3C’s software-based platform offered the flexibility to deploy on any server hardware with a full complement of UC features including MS Exchange integration, collaboration, and web conferencing and bring-your-own-device mobility.

Having been selected as one of the Boston Consulting Group’s 50 Most Innovative Companies last year, NEC believes that stability and innovation are the cornerstones of their success.
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Larry Levenberg, VP

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