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IT Compliance Experts: Taking the perfect Compliance Initiative for IT Enterprises

Scott Whitsitt, Founder and President
High profile data breaches and new regulatory requirements have brought about an increased importance of IT governance. Enterprises must ensure that they remain compliant with various industry and federal regulations like PCI and HIPAA to keep their customers’ sensitive data safe. IT Compliance now plays a critical role in the enterprise, but the organizational changes required for new procedures can be very stressful. If not managed appropriately, the changes required can lead to resistance and operational inefficiency.

When the Sarbanes Oxley Act of 2002 was enacted, many public companies and those planning to go public struggled with compliance and began seeking out help from experienced professionals in this arena. In response to this need, Scott Whitsitt founded IT Compliance Experts in 2004 to offer value-added IT governance and compliance services. IT Compliance Experts is a boutique professional services organization that specializes in assisting companies implement sustainable IT Governance solutions.

Prior to founding the company, Scott was a Senior Manager with EY providing IT risk and assurance services, a member of the senior management team within a publicly held software company, and founder of a company that provides customer engagement solutions using a SaaS delivery model.
Scott adds, “Our years of experience within software development organizations and data centers give us a unique capability to integrate best of class products and processes for our clients.”

IT Compliance Experts leverages technology to help organizations streamline and automate compliance processes. The company helps implement products like event monitoring software, source code management systems, software QA automation, help desk, and workflow systems to offer best practices on client engagements. Being an operating division of a SaaS company that provides a cloud-based solution, IT Compliance Experts not only counsels its clients on best practices; the company also implements them within its own business. This allows the company to provide expert advice in areas such as automating compliance tasks and adopting a control environment that is good for both IT governance as well as operational efficiency.

“Obtaining the right balance between compliance and operational efficiency can be a challenge, but our organization is specialized in this domain,” explains Steve Dubrick, VP Operations, IT Compliance Experts. The IT Compliance Experts team has broad experience including public accounting, management with public companies, and as independent consultants helping organizations with their governance and compliance requirements. These seasoned resources help organizations develop their IT General Controls environment, execute IT compliance test on behalf of management, and implement best of breed solutions to automate various aspects of client’s IT control procedures.

The company has worked with industry leaders like McKesson, Addus Homecare, Norcross Safety Products (now Honeywell Safety Products), GigeNet, Westell, and others. IT Compliance Experts provide sits services primarily in the US but has completed engagements across Canada, Germany and the Netherlands.