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Layer One Technology Solutions Corp.: A One-stop Shop for Data Center White Space
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Layer One provides a complete array of infrastructure-related services for inside and outside plant data

LogicCloud IT: Holistic Approach to Infrastructure Management
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An IT support and services company that provides unique services and offerings that utilize best-of-breed, enterprise-grade technologies and strategies bundled and executed in an SMB friendly way

3GC: Architecturing Simplified Converged Networks
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Provides consulting and managed services focused on Converged Network Technologies and Integrated solutions

Five Star Technology: Powering the Future of K-12 Education System
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Provides services including Technology Managed Services, Technology Integration Services, and Voice-Over-IP telephony

The Defense Industry-A Microcosm of the Burgeoning App Economy
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Terry Hughes, MD & SVP, AppCarousel

Several companies are heeding the call to create apps for niche markets in the military, and with more government agencies allowing funds to go toward the creation and adoption of the apps; it’s only a matter of time before all of...

Just What the Doctor Ordered: A New Phone System
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Paul Shenenberger, CIO, Summit Medical Group of New Jersey

It’s difficult to imagine a field where reliable, efficient phone service is more important than in healthcare But the rapid expansion at the multi-campus Summit Medical Group in New Jersey added another wrinkle when it came to updating...

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