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Prepare for the future utility driven by digital solution and analytics
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Huntington Beach, CA (USA), July 10, 2017:The tenth annual SAP for Utilities conference will focus on how utilities can embrace and conquer disruption by leveraging digital innovations, data-driven insights and best practices from within...

Adaptive Planning Analytics Support Utility Transformation
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Dean Oskvig, President & CEO B&V Energy, Black & Veatch Holding Company

Electric utilities are in the midst of a significant business transformation. They must align their power generation portfolios to address increasing air emission and surface water regulations as well as state-mandated Renewable Portfolio...

How Energy Utility Companies Become Efficient and Profitable Using Cloud and Analytics
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Anubhav Dwivedi, CEO & Founder, Saviant Consulting

Utility Industry Situation Rapid changes are taking place in Water Utilities throughout the world. Their key focus is to make better use of data. Utility restructuring and privatization is a need. Utilities are under increasing pressure to...

Technology in Utilities
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Alberto Ruocco, AEP VP & CIO, American Electric Power

The Evolution of IT Investments Utilities historically have been considered late adopters of information technology (IT). Because our companies are largely regulated, utilities can earn a return for capital investments that create new assets...

Value Creation in the Digital Energy Network
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Henry Bailey, Global VP, Utilities IBU, Global VP, Utilities IBU, SAP

The demand for electricity in the next decades, according to some estimates, will nearly double as the world population approaches 10 billion people, the middle class adopts new electronic devices in emerging economies, urbanization accelerates at...

Digital Enlightenment
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Mark Holtermann, VP of IT, Central Hudson Gas & Electric Corporation

Digital, Digital, Digital…Did I say Digital? Yes, I guess I did. When you think of your utility company, what comes to your mind first? ‘Is my power on?’ ‘How did I use that much power/gas to have this high of a...

3 Reasons why Utility Companies Need a Business Intelligence Strategy
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Prashant Kumar, Founder & CEO, TechBlocks

Although there isn’t the same level of competition for utility or green energy companies as there is in some other industries, they can still benefit from technology that boosts their sales efforts, improves their overall customer experience...

Our Ultimate Goal is to Become a Real Time Smart Utility
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Mujib Lodhi, CIO, Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission's(WSSC)

How technology is driving the current utilities landscape It would be improper to group the water sector into the same category as the electric, oil and/or gas utilities even though their operational activities might carry significant overlap....

Siemens PLM Software: Riding The Innovation Wave
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Provides PLM and MOM Software, Systems, Services with over 15 million licensed seats and more than 140,000 customers worldwide

Mercury PLM Services: Enriching Product Lifecycle Management
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Offers wide range of comprehensive PLM Services to help enterprises leverage the highest benefits of their PLM investments

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