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Inclinations in Automated Software Testing for the Years Ahead
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Software testing and quality assurance have changed drastically from a gate-keeping quality approach to a more evolved, active, purpose-fit, and strategic one. In a real sense, quality assurance is now quality engineering. The dominant...

The Importance of QA Testing in Business
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FREMONT, CA: Quality Assurance (QA) stands as a quintessential part of a business process. QA strategies provide product developers and other software experts with methods to review the product and check for defects and errors in the code. With...

Significance of Testing In Today's Digital Environment
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Quality Analysis (QA) is one of the most significant aspects of the software development process. QA analysts collaborate with software developers to ensure that the most utilatrian software is delivered within the stipulated time frame. The...

Quality Assurance (QA) Testing for Defect-free Applications
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Quality Assurance (QA) is a measure taken to implement defect-free applications. Software testing helps to finalize the application or product for the needs of business and users. It is important to have good test coverage to test the software...

Not Betting on IP Led Software Testing can be Disastrous
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Kalyana Rao Konda,

About two and a half decades earlier when the IT Services outsourcing started getting traction, it was more as a reaction to a situation than actually because of a strategic plan. Anticipating that Internet will help businesses, not knowing how,...

QASource: Renovating the Testing Industry with Innovative QA Methodologies
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QASource is an independent quality assurance and testing company that meets the objectives and schedules of its clients by optimizing their QA efforts

Testing Solutionz: Aligning with the Client’s QA Processes and Product Roadmap
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A software tester that provides Test Automation, Performance Testing, functional testing and security testing services

Orasi: Elevating Quality Standards through Continuous Delivery
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A software reseller that provides full life cycle software QA services through market leading test services

DeRisk IT Inc.: A Safe Bet For Assured Quality
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An onshore software testing service provider that specializes on offsite functional testing

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