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Creating Integrated Workflows for an Evolving Company
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Mike Everly, CIO, D&H Distributing

D&H Distributing, one of North America’s most prominent technology companies, is celebrating its 100th year in business in 2018. In a full century, a company is bound to experience a considerable series of changes that can only be viewed...

Collaboration in the Information Age
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Matthew March, CIO, Colony American Finance

Clear, concise and timely communication is the key to any successful relationship and collaboration is more critical today than ever before. In today’s fast-paced, digital world, communication and collaboration must transcend time and space....

It's the Time to Optimize Your Storage Technology
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Kathleen Hurley, IT Director, Madison International Realty, LLC

You may not see it coming, but you will know it when it happens. A user has accidentally deleted a file, and asks Information Technology to restore that file. They give the advertised logical file path where the file was last stored. The IT...

Leveraging SharePoint to Succeed with Your Digital Workplace Strategy
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Camille Wellard, Director Internal eBusiness, Intermountain Healthcare

The complexity of technology in an enterprise creates frustration amongst users. Some of the challenges include limited availability of mobile tools, bad usability, multiple logins, functional overlap of tools, and lack of integration. A digital...

WebRTC: Addressing Lync's Multi-Vendor UC Environment Challenge
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Darrin Whitney,

In some regards the way GENBAND uses Microsoft solutions hardly deserves special mention amongst a group of my peers. Like many of you we use a fairly traditional set of Microsoft desktop applications and file sharing tools. However, I believe...

Digital Innovation Energizes Global Compliance Management
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Bi-Modal IT has grabbed the IT headlines urging CIOs to drive up the business value proposition and promote digital innovation to accelerate business growth. Traditionally, the chemical industry has been a slow adopter of computing technology but...

Modern Collaboration with Office 365
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David Feldman, Senior Technical Director, Atrion

Modern Collaboration with Office 365   Since its introduction in 2001, Microsoft SharePoint evolved into the de-facto standard for collaboration and content sharing from small businesses to the largest enterprise and government customers....

Building an Enterprise Data Hub with Proper Data Integration
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Sergey Pavlov, CTO, Artezio

Integrate data across the enterprise for 360-degree view of the customer There are two main aspects of proper data integration. The first one is pure technical  a correctly selected integration tool, which can provide scalable and seamless...

Taking Advantage of the New Cloud Capabilities
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Todd Lant,Vice President-IT, Blackbaud

“Why would I ever put my email in the cloud?” is no longer a common conversation I hear when I visit other CIOs. Many have moved already, others are preparing to do so, or working to find the resources and gain consensus. Most of us,...

MS Office 365 and its Influence on Business
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Microsoft Office 365: what is important for business to know about the “cloud-based” office? Cloud-based service Microsoft Office 365 has become more and more popular solution for managing document workflow in companies....

Office 365: Bringing a Paradigm Shift through Cloud
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Dr.Mark Zecca,

Moore’s law tells us that technology will double itself in any given time period. Yet we still follow what seems cool at the time rather than what works. As a Google Apps user, my company felt that it was cool to go with a cloud based...

Friends Don't Let Friends Run Exchange Servers
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Chris Shull, CIO, Engagement Partner, Tatum, a Randstad Company

Several years ago, my former company invested heavily in sophisticated, state-of-the-art servers to provide Microsoft Exchange email services to roughly 15,000 users. To ensure high reliability, we devoted five highly experienced and expert FTEs...

On POINT with SharePoint 2010
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Onyeka Nchege, VP & CIO, and Sydney Allen, Sr. Manager-eBusiness, Interstate Batteries

Now in their 3rd iteration wif SharePoint (v3, v7, v10 and soon v13), it’s safe to say dat for their intranet/extranet, Microsoft SharePoint is teh enterprise “platform of choice.” Teh primary reason? Simply put, for Interstate...

Reliable and Flexible Microsoft Cloud Products for Business Teams
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Allison L. Radecki, CIO, Beam Suntory

Microsoft Solutions for Business Processes Beam Suntory is targeting a very aggressive growth strategy as teh world’s third largest spirits company. We aim to take business from $4+ billion in sales to $10 billion by 2020. To do dis, all...

Why SharePoint is a Robust and Powerful Digital Platform?
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Sandy Jacolow, CIO, Silverstein Properties

As CIOs, one of our primary objectives is to transform the way our employees visualize information. Through our collaboration with business owners, we are facilitators of embraceable change, and we strive to enhance process efficiencies, access to...

The Future of Share Point from a CIO
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Sallie Wright,

As teh CIO of a government agency that supports over one million residents, teh need for tools and processes to support our users has never been greater. Every day we are tasked by our constituents and leaders to do more with less and drive...

Add a Cloud Strategy?How About the Cloud BEING Your Strategy?
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Teh position of CIO is a challenging one. You have to understand strategy, you have to have a good breadth of technical skills, you have to have business acumen to contribute technical solutions to solve business problems, you have to be able to...

Office 365:Bringing a Paradigm Shift through Cloud
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Dr.Mark Zecca, CIO, Kyriba, Ltd.

Moore’s law tells us that technology will double itself in any given time period. Yet we still follow wat seems cool at the time rather TEMPthan wat works. As a Google Apps user, my company felt that it was cool to go with a cloud based...

Efficiency Starts in the Cloud -How to Select the Best Collaboration Tools for Your Organization
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John Kuemmel, CIO, Triad Retail Media

In the past decade, workplace communication and behavior has evolved radically, and a host of new employee-collaboration tools has emerged to respond to the shift, shrinking the distance across offices and oceans. What was once unimaginable is now...

What Has Your Intranet Site Done for You Lately?
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Bob Summers,

Increase the performance of your field workforce by turning your Intranet site into an employee and field-location-specific set of portals with Workflow. Like most companies of any size, ABC Fine Wine & Spirits (a Florida-based chain of...

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