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Mangan Software Solutions: Transforming Process Safety
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Mangan brings a holistic approach to proffering procacity information, asset integrity, and functional safety services

Chartis Federal: Engineering Mission Critical Systems for Federal Organizations
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Nick McCarter, CEO and Brian Creswick, COO

Provides Information Technology and Engineering Services to help clients achieve new capabilities, improve operations, and reduce costs

Pryor Learning Solutions: 10,000+ Learning Opportunities for Continual Employee Training
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Provides Online training, On-site training, Government training, HR Training, IT Training, Grammar and Accounting

IT Compliance Experts: Taking the perfect Compliance Initiative for IT Enterprises
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IT Compliance Experts is a boutique professional services organization that specializes in helping companies implement sustainable and value-added IT

OSS Health: Rendering Support to the Healthcare Structure (or) The Backbone of the Orthopaedic medical Structure
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Orthopaedic Specialty Hospital and Health system that provides the highest quality orthopaedic services like hip and knee replacements at a lower cost.

Biometrics Technology is Reinventing the Healthcare Ecosystem
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As biometric technology makes its way into healthcare, the privacy concerns linger around it. But one doesn’t realize the crucial aspects of healthcare which is to prioritize the safety of people and biometrics is the solution for it....

Six Major Logistics Trends to Watch out for 2018 and Beyond
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The fundamental goal of technological advancement is to make any task less costly and more efficient. It is mainly for the logistics sector, where labor is scarce, capacity is short, and customer demands are stricter. There has been a massive...

Natural Language Processing and the Future of Customer Service
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Blake Averill, CEO and Eugene Willard, CIO, LaserShip, Inc

When Watson played Jeopardy, one of the more powerful demonstrations of Artificial Intelligence (AI) was Watson’s ability to use Natural Language Processing (NLP) to field questions and respond with his answers. Behind the scenes, Watson was...

Robotic Appliances- How a new generation of user friendly automation will change Manufacturing and Logistics
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Harsha Prahlad, CEO & Co-founder, Grabit Inc.

Let’s glimpse into the work lives of several people: • Mr. Smith is an operations executive at a global consumer brand. His manufacturing processes are labor intensive, and labor costs have been steadily climbing worldwide. He...

Today's Telematics Platforms Are Enabling Tomorrow's Logistics Ecosystem
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Andrew Dondlinger, VP, Connected Services, Navistar

As we approach the 10th anniversary of the smartphone, it’s amazing to reflect how completely this small device has revolutionized many aspects of our lives–bringing together personal data, productivity tools, and communications...

Making Alarms Meaningful
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Sarah Richardson, CIO, NCH Healthcare System

NCH Healthcare Systems, based in Naples, Florida, United States, is a national leader in healthcare and is the member of Mayo Clinic Care Network focused towards evidence-based practices Alarm hazards are on the radar of safety institutions...

Data Analytics: New Edge for Success
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Colin Boyd, VP & CIO, Joy Global [NYSE:JOY]

Advantages of Cloud Computing for Data Analytics If we look back over the past two or three decades, the growth in digital data has been driven by the spread of transactional IT systems. Every function in an organization today is likely to be...

Caveat Emptor
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Chris Crosby, CEO, Compass Datacenter

Standards are typically best practices that have been formally agreed upon within an industry that provide customers a level of assurance that, the product they are purchasing meets a prescribed level of measurement for performance, safe...

Downtime with a Dynamic Recovery Strategy
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Dan Perrin, Solutions Director,

If recent history is a gauge it would appear there are a growing number of extreme natural disasters wreaking havoc on the global economy. In a report prepared by London-based global reinsurance firm Aon Benfield, Hurricane Sandy resulted in 65...

Engineering Analytics to Spearhead Innovation
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Karthikeyan N, SVP & Head of Integrated Engineering Solutions, Tech Mahindra

The 21st century has been witness to significant strides in technology. One of the direct consequences of improvements in technology has been the growth of data. For instance, the volume of data that we have today is just a fraction of the volume...

Peering through the Clinical Trial Looking Glass
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Peter Pitts, Chief Regulatory Officer, Adherent Health, LLC

The debate around clinical trial transparency is certainly nothing new, with some arguing that the ClinicalTrials.gov registration requirement in the Food and Drug Administration Amendments Act (FDAAA) isn't being properly implemented and that...

Monitoring Drug Safety the Newest Field of Outsourcing in India
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The outsourcing space has a new frontier – Monitoring Drug Safety. More and more Big Pharma companies in the US are turning to India, outsourcing the crucial responsibility of analysing and monitoring drug safety. The business is already...

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