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Mirren Business Development: The Art of Selling with integrity
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Mirren is a training company specializing in offering the abilities and instruments for organizational development and fresh company to agency teams. Ultimately, the objective is to make the agency's income development more assertive for the...

Paycom: Ultimate HCM Solutions
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Helping employers streamline payroll and HR processes with the latest cloud-based human capital management technology

Mangan Software Solutions: Transforming Process Safety
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Mangan brings a holistic approach to proffering procacity information, asset integrity, and functional safety services

Compsys: Computing Simplified
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Expertised in Remote Support, Network Design & Implementation and Cloud Services

Performance Horizon: Turbo-Charged Performance Marketing
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A SaaS solutions provider for Digital marketing and specialises in performance marketing and affiliate marketing

ANX International : the Blockchain Technology Expert
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Provider of full front-to-back suite of solutions and managed services to the global market as well as the largest one-stop shop for blockchain technology

QASource: Renovating the Testing Industry with Innovative QA Methodologies
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QASource is an independent quality assurance and testing company that meets the objectives and schedules of its clients by optimizing their QA efforts

IT Compliance Experts: Taking the perfect Compliance Initiative for IT Enterprises
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IT Compliance Experts is a boutique professional services organization that specializes in helping companies implement sustainable and value-added IT

Indmax: Delivering Apposite Solutions for Cloud, SaaS and Data Centre Operations
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A leading IT firm that offers solutions for Network and Data Centre Operations, Cloud Migration, Security Operations and IT Service Management

Bugwolf: A Value Driven Approach in Quality Assurance
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A provider of Beta tesing and Gamification services through a White label platform

C7 Data Centers: Taking Cloud Technology to Newer Heights
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A provider of DRaaS, IaaS and private cloud suite solutions with expert assistance in setup, migration, monitoring and other managed IT services.

CloudHesive (www.cloudhesive.com): Keeping the Cloud Secure
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CloudHesive is a company that is fighting on the frontlines of war against data breaches. Started in 2014 this Fort Lauderdale, FL based cloud services provider has been helping companies migrate their workloads to Amazon Web Services and...

Treselle Systems: Taming Data Variety is Key for Big Data Analytics
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A provider of Big Data, Cloud computing, Database Management and Technology Integration solutions.

Converged Infrastructure for Enhanced Operational Efficiency
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Companies today are transiting IT workloads at a significant rate to a hybrid cloud infrastructure. Research proves that benefits in time to market and quality are driving cloud acceptance. Netflix, Amazon, and SaaS service providers’...

Knowing Cloud Computing Services and associated advantages
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 In today’s business environment, cloud is not an option, but essential. Majority of the decision-makers find it difficult to zero in on the right type of cloud service and unlock the benefits of the...

Why You Should Be Unreasonable about Your Packaging Processes and Demand Intelligent Capabilities
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Danielle Sauvé, Director of Customer Insights and Experience, Danaher Product Identification

Unreasonable expectations: we have all been subject to them and some of us have subjected others to them. Sometimes, our expectations are too high, but sometimes our own imaginations are limiting our progress. I believe the latter is true for...

Progression of Logistic Companies with Technology
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Logistics is the crucial component of modern business and a part of supply chain management that plans implements, and controls the effective forward, reverse flow and storage of goods, services between the point of origin and consumption in order...

Lessons learned in 30 days trials of IT services
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Jeff Cann, Chief Strategist and CIO, Encore Electric

Gartner defines “IT services” as the “application of business and technical expertise to enable organizations access to information and business processes.” This makes sense to me as a purchaser of IT services over the past...

Fintech Start-ups to Provide Personalized Healthcare Services
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Entrepreneurs look for different ways in which fintech start-ups are advancing in healthcare. Fintech startup adviser, Affordplan, is an investment-based company used to expand the team that focus on sales, marketing, and technology functions to...

Quality Assurance Using Big Data in Logistics
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Today, supply chain and big data have become a revolutionary topic in the field of business and logistics applications. The general idea behind the deployment of the supply chain in logistics is to monitor the activities involved from the starting...

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