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MeridianLink Introduces Application Portal Platform
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A digital credit system designed to remove conventional business time constraints will heighten the efficiency for future practices. FREMONT, CA: "Software as a Service" (SaaS) has joined the domain of innovative catchphrases which...

ThinkHR and Mammoth HR Amalgamates
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The compatible merger will deliver best-in-class HR solutions to more than 350,000 employers and will bring out new and innovative ideas. FREMONT, CA: The two firms ThinkHR and Mammoth HR recently merged; both are the leading providers of...

The HR Tech Transformation
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JoAnne Kruse, CHRO, American Express Global Business Travel

Thanks to the rise of mobile technology, companies with a truly global workforce are able to connect like never before. A number of tools and virtual interfaces are enabling quick and constant engagement, making physical distance increasingly...

Automation to Enhance Recruiters' ROI, See how!
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Recruiters' holy grail is to spot the right talent at the right moment with the right ad to bag higher and better ROI along with other beneficial outcomes. Automation holds the key to it.   FREMONT, CA: Modern recruiters operate on...

Industry Gets Easier with Business Apps
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Safety has always been a priority for every business in the industry and here’s how the companies can secure their hard-work! FREMONT, CA: In the new era of digital transformation, virtualization, cloud, and containerization are...

Delivering an Elevated Customer Experience Requires an Agile Retail Technology Platform
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Perry Kramer, SVP & Practice Lead at Boston Retail Partners

Retailers that are thriving— and there are lots of them— anticipate and react to consumers’demand for an enhanced and continuously changing retail experience. Retailers that have successfully anticipated the changing customer...

How Procurement can Support an "I Need It Yesterday" Request from IT
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Susanne Wrage, Senior Director , Center of Excellence, Denali Sourcing Services

To be competitive, organizations continually strive to do more with less and IT and Procurement departments are no different. Adding to this challenge are the number of technology initiatives undertaken by organizations to empower employees to...

Effective Investment in Cloud Computing Technology
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FREMONT, CA – Cloud computing has become the foundation for the integration of advanced technologies, including the internet of things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and blockchain. The enterprises across...

Roundup of Cloud Computing Forecasts
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FREMONT, CA: Cloud computing platforms are proliferating across enterprises serving as the IT infrastructure driving new digital business. Enhanced automation and agility, need for delivering improved customer experience, increased cost...

Converged Infrastructure for Enhanced Operational Efficiency
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Companies today are transiting IT workloads at a significant rate to a hybrid cloud infrastructure. Research proves that benefits in time to market and quality are driving cloud acceptance. Netflix, Amazon, and SaaS service providers’...

Knowing Cloud Computing Services and associated advantages
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 In today’s business environment, cloud is not an option, but essential. Majority of the decision-makers find it difficult to zero in on the right type of cloud service and unlock the benefits of the...

Why You Should Be Unreasonable about Your Packaging Processes and Demand Intelligent Capabilities
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Danielle Sauvé, Director of Customer Insights and Experience, Danaher Product Identification

Unreasonable expectations: we have all been subject to them and some of us have subjected others to them. Sometimes, our expectations are too high, but sometimes our own imaginations are limiting our progress. I believe the latter is true for...

Progression of Logistic Companies with Technology
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Logistics is the crucial component of modern business and a part of supply chain management that plans implements, and controls the effective forward, reverse flow and storage of goods, services between the point of origin and consumption in order...

Lessons learned in 30 days trials of IT services
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Jeff Cann, Chief Strategist and CIO, Encore Electric

Gartner defines “IT services” as the “application of business and technical expertise to enable organizations access to information and business processes.” This makes sense to me as a purchaser of IT services over the past...

Fintech Start-ups to Provide Personalized Healthcare Services
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Entrepreneurs look for different ways in which fintech start-ups are advancing in healthcare. Fintech startup adviser, Affordplan, is an investment-based company used to expand the team that focus on sales, marketing, and technology functions to...

Quality Assurance Using Big Data in Logistics
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Today, supply chain and big data have become a revolutionary topic in the field of business and logistics applications. The general idea behind the deployment of the supply chain in logistics is to monitor the activities involved from the starting...

Outsourcing, Insourcing, and everything in between
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Michael Smith, VP & CIO, American Academy of Family Physicians

The IT industry today has never been more fortunate to be living in unprecedented times. Technology is changing at an increasingly rapid pace that can have even the most technical minds spinning. One of the areas with incredibly rapid growth is...

Bridgewater State University: Revamping IT Infrastructure
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Steve Zuromski, AVP of Information Technology, Bridgewater State University

"21st century businesses need 21st century infrastructure," is an adage most decision makers today firmly believe in. Quite obviously, since an enterprise’s infrastructure plays a vital role in determining its success, CIOs...

Speaking the Business Language
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Scott Dennull, Senior Director of IT, AtriCure

What are some of the widely prevalent challenges you notice in the IT sector and how exactly can IT leaders overcome these challenges? I would say that the biggest challenge we have is the amount of time spent on support versus new projects....

How Will Digital Transformation Impact Enterprises In 2019?
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Over the last decade, the enterprise arena has witnessed a tremendous surge in the implementation of digital technology. Digitization has successfully revolutionized businesses worldwide and is expected to continue growing in the foreseeing...

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