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The 4 Novel Areas Where Robotics is Making a Mark
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The integration of emergent technologies such as AI and ML in robotics has widened the scope of robotics applications, leading to the automation of various processes across different sectors. FREMONT, CA: The integration of artificial...

Prominence and Future of MCML
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Computers can intelligently link data, identify relationships, draw conclusions, and make predictions with advances in computing power and new algorithms. This is the basis for new diagnostic tools in medicine, or in logistics and industrial...

4 Ways Technology is Revolutionizing the warehouse
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Michael Schoenfeld, SVP, Head of Contract Logistics USA, DB Schenker

With warehouse efficiency being so closely tied to customer satisfaction for retailers, e-commerce shippers, and many other enterprises, we’re seeing a growing number of companies and logistics providers integrating, existing, and emerging...

Robotics is the Forthcoming Technology in Food and Beverage Packing
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Robots are taking charge of the food and beverage packing. This has been due to their ability to monitor and manage the packing stages of manufacturing. Due to automation, they are growing smarter. In the past, due to complex and stringent rules...

Technologies Driving the Future of Healthcare
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Before the technological advancements in the healthcare sector, a lot of focus was on analyzing historical claims information and looking at trends and what happened in the past but today, we have technologies like machine learning, IoT, AI, and...

Six Major Logistics Trends to Watch out for 2018 and Beyond
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The fundamental goal of technological advancement is to make any task less costly and more efficient. It is mainly for the logistics sector, where labor is scarce, capacity is short, and customer demands are stricter. There has been a massive...

7 Innovations Currently Revolutionizing the Healthcare Industry
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The healthcare industry is in the midst of a massive wave of change owing to the latest technological advancements. The advent of digitalization has also influenced the industry by making the process of providing healthcare facilities more...

The New Normal for Global Business Services: Digital Disruptors Drive an "As-a-Service" Capability
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Bob Cecil, Principal, Shared Services and Outsourcing Advisory, KPMG LLP

Today enterprises are moving to a higher level of value and performance for delivery of their business services. While they are still looking for traditional shared services and outsourcing objectives of reducing costs and maintaining service...

Cloud Robotics Market to Earn Higher Revenue with North America Dominating the Market
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FREMONT, CA: The cloud robotics market is likely to witness an increase in the revenue within 2016 to 2022; states Research and Markets in its report titled ‘Global Cloud Robotics Market Insights, Opportunity, Analysis, Market Shares and...

To Improve ROI on Digital Transformation: Doctrines of Successful Implementation
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Sathyanarayanan Sethuraman,

In this age of customer activism, success of business hinges on satisfying customers’ needs to retain and grow the mind and wallet share. It is very clear that customers want more for less. More of experience - ease, relevance and...

Building a University's Technology Infrastructure from the Ground Up
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Tom Hull, VP and CIO, Florida Polytechnic University

As Vice President and Chief Information Officer at only university wholly dedicated to science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). More than 550 students were part of the inaugural class, and that population has nearly doubled in our...

4 Key Disruptors Driving Business Process as a Service
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Bob Cecil, KPMG,

Today’s enterprises are moving to a higher level of value and performance for the delivery of their business services. They are still looking for traditional shared services and outsourcing objectives of reducing costs and maintaining...

The New Age of Outsourcing
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Jagdish Dalal, President, JDalal Associates

Niccolo Machiavelli wrote in the 14th century: "Whosoever desires constant success must change his conduct with the times." For the outsourcing industry, that time is now.  It has been almost four decades since the adoption of...

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