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Centro Global Solutions: Revamping Healthcare Services
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Ossama Hanna, EVP-Business Development

A leading contact center and business process outsourcing provider of quality healthcare services covering a broad scope of solutions for both providers and payers

Performance Horizon: Turbo-Charged Performance Marketing
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A SaaS solutions provider for Digital marketing and specialises in performance marketing and affiliate marketing

MedData: Streamlining the Revenue Cycle with “Patient-Focused” Philosophy
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The Company is a leading provider of revenue cycle management processes of coding, billing, and collections with a proven compliance record.

Harmony Healthcare: Shaping the Revenue Cycle in Modern Healthcare
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A company that offers full-service Revenue Cycle Leadership and Health Information Management Professionals Staffing and Services

Enhancing Healthcare Revenue Cycle Efficiency
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Manual processes can no longer keep up with the increasing complexity of healthcare revenue cycle efficiency, especially as organizations continue to grow. Healthcare provider organizations must achieve revenue cycle efficiency to ensure that...

From Madmen to Modern Marketers
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Clay Stobaugh, EVP & CMO, John Wiley and Sons

The age of the Madison Avenue man or aptly named “Madmen”, once they became television entertainment  themselves, focused on brand positioning and “unique selling propositions”. Television was the medium of maximum...

AI Market to Clock $36.8 Billion by 2025, Reports Tractica
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FREMONT, CA: Tractica, in its latest report, ‘Artificial Intelligence Market Forecasts’, states that the annual worldwide Artificial Intelligence (AI) revenue will grow from $643.7 million in 2016 to $36.8 billion by 2025, causing a...

Trends in Operational Metrics Show Demand for Greater Insights
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Rob Reid,

Every modern business uses software management systems, but teh best use systems bring strategic, operational, and financial data together to support and optimize a performance-driven organization. For software companies, this requires new...

Water and Wastewater Utility Revolution: Operational and Information Technology Integration
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Mark S Smith,

You have likely heard references to the “Internet of Things”. Simply put, the “Internet of Things” can be described as a series of devices connecting people, process, data, and things to one another via the internet....

Disaster Recovery Essentials:Why Data Movement is Crucial in a State of Emergency
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Paul Lavery, Sr. Director-Product Marketing, Cleo

In any disaster, the price of infrastructure damage has an immediate impact. Revenue generation is impeded in numerous ways throughout the duration of the disaster and recovery period. Yet, temporary losses to productivity may eventually be...

Enter the Social World of Field Service, Don't Be Afraid of the Connection
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Aly Pinder Jr, Senior Research Analyst Service Management Practice, Aberdeen Group

When you think of field service, what comes to mind? Technicians, Schedules, Wrenches, or Mobile devices? If any of those were your answer, you wouldn’t be wrong. But when I think of field service in 2015, the first word that comes to...

Simplified Deployment and Management of Data Center and Network Operations
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Ari Bose, VP & CIO, Brocade

I see four big challenges technology that the networking industry needs to address: 1. Security–End-to-End security covering data center, networks, and end points– this needs to be predictive and enable smart analytics to baseline...

Data Breach Threats Lurk Within
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Steve Doston, CISO & VP, First Advantage

Almost every day, the media has a report of a cybersecurity breach. Target, Home Depot, Sony Pictures, Internal Revenue Service, the U.S. Government, big banks, hotels, and supermarkets have all been victims of cyber attacks. Recently a major...

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