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AI to Aid the Detail of Retail
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FREMONT, CA: One of the many challenges the retail sector faces is to maintain the attention of consumers who have various digital apparatuses at their disposal to search for the best deals and most suitable delivery options available. Big box...

Hot Trends in Mobile Marketing Founding the Next Digital Age
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FREMONT, CA: Mobile has become a fundamental gadget steering the lifestyle of the world. The Gen C (generation of connected consumers) leads to a drastic change in consumer behavior and drives involvement with smartphones for almost everything....

Digital in Retail: The Three Steps to Maturity
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Paul Conder, Principal, CallisonRTKL

Before embarking on a career in retail design and customer experience in the late 1990s, I was part of a tech 1.0 startup. Back then, our marketing activities involved showing our wares at trade shows and tech conventions along the lines of CES...

Delivering an Elevated Customer Experience Requires an Agile Retail Technology Platform
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Perry Kramer, SVP & Practice Lead at Boston Retail Partners

Retailers that are thriving— and there are lots of them— anticipate and react to consumers’demand for an enhanced and continuously changing retail experience. Retailers that have successfully anticipated the changing customer...

Mobile Marketing and the Evolution of E-commerce
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Marissa Tarleton, CEO, RetailMeNot

Consumers love to shop. However, the means and methods in which they find what they want continue to evolve; and in true digital fashion, the e-commerce industry has transformed once again. More than ever before, it feels as if marketers are...

Location Intelligence Boosting Retail Efforts
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With an accountable demographic still preferring to shop at brick and mortar shops in this digital era, it is a perfect time for retailers to think about leveraging location intelligence to maximize foot traffic. Here are specific ways to use...

Banks Need to Switch Gear to Retail Banking for Healthy Portfolio
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Despite huge financial market uncertainty, the banking industry's economic outlook continues to remain positive. There is strong evidence that banking organizations around the world decipher the industry's primary trends, as well as the...

Technology Trends Making Waves In Retail Industry
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The technology is changing the way business operates for the company and customers. Like all other industry spaces, the retail industry is highly influenced by the advancements in the world of technology. Technologies like Artificial Intelligence,...

Four Myths about Innovation in Logistics
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Daniel Gagnon, VP of Marketing, Global Logistics & Distribution, UPS

The serenity of a normal Sunday morning gives me time to catch-up on the business journals and blogs that have accumulated in my in-box throughout the week. As I comb through the articles, my serendipity turns into anxiety as I read article after...

The Rise of Outsourcing
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Michael Wilson, EVP and CIO First Financial Bank Texas

Outsourcing in the banking industry is on the rise. From account solutions and core banking systems to research and analysis, businesses are looking to outside organizations for expertise rather than building a team internally. In fact, according...

Harnessing the Power of Mobile through Marketing Automation
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Marissa Tarleton, CMO, RetailMeNot

Mobile has spurred the most transformative shift that retail and marketing have seen in some time. Marketers are now able to measure more directly what consumers are doing on smartphones as well as when and where they are engaging with a...

Retail Shrinkage to Elevate Global Physical Security Market in the Retail Sector; America to Dominate the Market
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FREMONT, CA: Technavio’s report, ‘Global Physical Security Market in the Retail Sector 2016-2020’ predicts that the global physical security market in the retail sector will grow at a CAGR of more than six percent by 2020....

Samsung Enhances Retail Customer's Experience with New Smart Signage Solutions
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LAS VEGAS: Samsung Electronics America, announces its new line up of SMART Signage solutions to enhance customers experience by delivering more immersive, engaging and informative content to them. Samsung’s Smart Signage 2016 lineup of...

Redefining Retail Industry with IOT and Big Data
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Douglas Turk, Chief Marketing Officer, JLT Speciality

The retail insurance broking industry is facing an onslaught of new technologies with a promise of transformational change and value creation. These technologies have the potential to redefine risk transfer and risk management and reset the retail...

Supply Chain Processes are Evolving
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Lora Cecere, Founder and CEO, Supply Chain Insights

Retail scorecards are now more than a decade old. Buyers and suppliers now manage multiple scorecards simultaneously (in the same relationship) in trading partner communications. Very seldom is the scorecard tied to buying behavior....

Laying a Foundation for the New Age Retail Industry
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Paul Karras, SVP and CIO,

A Unified Customer Base To control its business, an organization has to control its data at all touch points, distinguishing the data, shoppers generate at each of the touch points. This is important because the same shopper can interact with...

Efficiency Starts in the Cloud -How to Select the Best Collaboration Tools for Your Organization
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John Kuemmel, CIO, Triad Retail Media

In the past decade, workplace communication and behavior has evolved radically, and a host of new employee-collaboration tools has emerged to respond to the shift, shrinking the distance across offices and oceans. What was once unimaginable is now...

Allow an Omni-Channel Transformation to Blossom
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Leslie Hand, Research Director, IDC Retail Insights

Retail is in the midst of a  transformation unlike any  seen since the 1970's when  chain retail first got serious  about leveraging technology  to electronically tabulate sales,  automate reporting, and...

Visionary Retailer staking Advantage
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Steve Buege,

May you live in interesting times,” so goes the ancient Chinese proverb that some interpret as a curse. In many respects, it may seem like today’s retailers have been living the curse for the last decade. For the last ten years, the...

Costco Soaring and Captivating the Retail Industry exceeding Amazon
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The Warehouse Club- Costco (NASDAQ: COST) has had a colossal growth over the past two decades in the Retail Industry. According to a report published, this unanticipated growth of Costco has surpassed the operations of the leading internet...

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