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Note these 3 Points for Delivering Seamless Customer Experience
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Organizations are adopting advanced strategies such as automation to promote seamless interaction with customers. FREMONT, CA: The digital revolution has introduced comfort and simplicity into the lives of consumers. Organizations such as...

AI-driven tools for Internal Audit in the Banking Sector
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AI is an evolving technology that promises different industries a gamut of cutting-edge techniques and solutions. In areas as diverse as driverless cars, home energy systems, and investment portfolio management, AI is already being applied. It...

The Most Reliable Tech Tools to Amplify Customer Relation
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Today's customer needs are rising exponentially. To cope up with this, companies need to change and modify the way they do business, along with the way they treat their customers. Fortunately, technologies help brands to achieve business...

HEROES Framework - Future of IT Infrastructure
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At the center of every successful business is an agile, flexible, secure, responsive, and easy to manage IT infrastructure. According to a study by Cognizant, organizations should utilize HEROES, a framework designed to guide businesses in...

Why Your Next Insurance Claims Processor Could be a Robot
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Rod Dunlap, Director, Alsbridge

Reducing Costs and Boosting Efficiency through Robotic Process Automation Against the backdrop of rising healthcare costs, insurers seek to optimize the use of technology to automate critical tasks and improve efficiency, while conserving...

Executing a Proof of Concept Test for Robotic Process Automation
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Terry E. Lang, Vice President, National Operations Manager, Comerica Bank

Savvy application purchasers in the contact (call) center space are starting to demand proof that their purchase will yield results before committing their hard fought technology budget. To this end, it is becoming more popular to run a proof of...

Five Questions for Your Prospective RPA Partner
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Rosie Lemanek, VP - Finance & Accounting, Sutherland Global Services

There’s a growing agreement that Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is more than just the latest tech buzzword; it’s an emerging automation technology that comes with the promise of significant cost savings, performance improvements and...

Smart Machines and Smarter People: Impacts on the Sourcing Decision
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Michael A. Fabrizi, Principal Member of the Technical Staff, The MITRE Corporation

The factors most telling for making outsourcing decisions are changing. In outsourcing’s early years, one of the most important considerations was the potential to reduce costs of input factors. While cost is still important, a more...

The New Way to Outsource: Digital Labor
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Sean McIlrath, VP, IPsoft

In today’s fast-paced, digitally connected world, traditional IT outsourcing has reached the limits of its value. To achieve significant cost reductions, corporations must create streamlined workflows rather TEMPthan arbitraging labor. In...

Procurement Competencies in the Age of Disruptive Technology
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Bill Huber, Managing Director, Alsbridge

In today’s dynamic environment of cognitive tools and “SMAC” technologies of social, mobility, analytics and big data, the nature of the procurement profession is being fundamentally redefined. Traditional competencies of...

Robotics: The New Business Process Reengineering
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Craig Nelson,

Those of us of a certain vintage can recall the uproar stirred by the ideas put forth in Michael Hammer and James Champy’s Reengineering the  Corporation. Originally published in 1993, the  authors argued that operational...

A New Paradigm in Automation Threatens Status Quo for Outsourcers
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Lee Coulter, CEO, Ascension Ministry Service Center

As companies began operating complex systems in the 80s and 90s, the solution to finding less expensive ways of performing mental or cognitive tasks relied largely on global labor arbitrage, creating the global $250B outsourcing market....

4 Key Disruptors Driving Business Process as a Service
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Bob Cecil, KPMG,

Today’s enterprises are moving to a higher level of value and performance for the delivery of their business services. They are still looking for traditional shared services and outsourcing objectives of reducing costs and maintaining...

The New Age of Outsourcing
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Jagdish Dalal, President, JDalal Associates

Niccolo Machiavelli wrote in the 14th century: "Whosoever desires constant success must change his conduct with the times." For the outsourcing industry, that time is now.  It has been almost four decades since the adoption of...

Robotic Process Automation - What does it Mean for Your Outsourcing Deal?
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Paul Morrison, Partner, Aecus

Unless you have been living in a cave for the last 18 months, you won’t have missed the growing interest across the outsourcing world in Robotic Process Automation (RPA). We are now entering a new phase, in which the initial promise (or...

transcosmos America: Elevating the Contact Center with Intelligent Systems
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Offers global BPO and contact center services backed by the latest AI and cloud technology

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