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LogicCloud IT: Holistic Approach to Infrastructure Management
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An IT support and services company that provides unique services and offerings that utilize best-of-breed, enterprise-grade technologies and strategies bundled and executed in an SMB friendly way

Compsys: Computing Simplified
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Expertised in Remote Support, Network Design & Implementation and Cloud Services

Orion: Empowering the cloud Infrastructure
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A provider of Wolesale Infrastructure as a service (Iaas)

Converged Infrastructure for Enhanced Operational Efficiency
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Companies today are transiting IT workloads at a significant rate to a hybrid cloud infrastructure. Research proves that benefits in time to market and quality are driving cloud acceptance. Netflix, Amazon, and SaaS service providers’...

Significance of Testing In Today's Digital Environment
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Quality Analysis (QA) is one of the most significant aspects of the software development process. QA analysts collaborate with software developers to ensure that the most utilatrian software is delivered within the stipulated time frame. The...

Rugged Managed Mobility Delivers More Control, Lower Costs
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Marco Nielsen, Vice President, Managed Mobility Services, Stratix Corporation

For one large auto parts distributor, getting a handle on mobility posed major challenges. Each of the company’s 58 distribution centers had its own mobile budget, so the technology varied by location. Capital spending was difficult to...

Leveraging the Power of the Enterprise to Streamline and Secure DoD's IT
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Terry Halvorsen, CIO, US Department of Defense

This is the Department of Defense’s (DoD) primary mission. Our IT infrastructure must effectively and efficiently support this wherever, whenever and however the mission calls. IT Infrastructure There has never been a time of such...

Transforming IT Infrastructure to Enhance Customer Service
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Steven John, CIO, AmeriPride

AmeriPride Services is a leading uniform rental and linen supply company in North America that provides linen, uniforms, floor care, restroom and cleaning products to nearly 150,000 customers each week and employs approximately 5,700. Founded in...

3 Trends Driving Storage Innovation
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Steve Moyer, VP of Storage Software Engineering, Micron Technology

Much of my professional career has been devoted to the design and development of storage software and systems. I started this journey almost by accident as a graduate student at the University of Virginia. At the time, I was doing research in...

The Rise of Supply Chain Platforms
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Michael Hu, Principal, A.T. Kearney & Sean T. Monahan, Partner, A.T. Kearney

Advances in digital technologies such as teh Internet of Everything, Deep Learning, 3D Printing and Big Data are expected to disrupt business models and their respective supply chains. Things get even more interesting when digital...

Mobile Delights - and Danger
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Graham Welch, Director-Cisco Security, Cisco

As a consumer watching from a far, the announcement of new smartphones and other mobile devices coming out of the annual Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this year fill me with excitement. After all who can fail to be impressed by the...

Ready.Set.Go Mobile! Low Code Platforms Assist Enterprises in Developing Better Mobile Apps, Faster
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Richard Rabins, CEO and founder, Alpha Software Corporation

Mobile applications are the current in demand technologies.Within the portfolio of essential enterprise technology, CIOs must balance end-user requirements with increasing enterprise demands for quality mobile apps--FAST. New technology helps...

The Basics of Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning:Can Your Business Survive When Disaster Strike
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Tammy Moskites, CIO/CISO, Venafi

When a natural disaster strikes, such as an earthquake or a Tsunami, often times we’re not able to prepare for the unexpected. We have no way of knowing about it in advance to take any precautionary measures. On the flip side, if there are...

Taking control of IT Operations through the Critical Security Controls
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Matthew J. Harmon, Principal Consultant, IT Risk Limited

These systems become a pivot point for infiltration, allowing for escalation of privileges and network visibility through a patient and opportunistic approach slowly spreading through the environment. The strategy to prevent this type of...

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