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ChakaTech: Building Highly Scalable, Secured Networks
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An Information Technologies Consulting Firm that offers best-of-breed network infrastructure by using enterprise-class hardware and best industry practices

Massive Networks: A Unified Approach to Network Design
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Provider of Managed Wide Area Network solutions across the entire US domestic carrier ecosystem

Compsys: Computing Simplified
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Expertised in Remote Support, Network Design & Implementation and Cloud Services

Akana: An End-to-End API Management Solution
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Helps businesses accelerate digital transformation by securely extending their reach across multiple channels through mobile, cloud and Internet of Things

Triada Networks: Optimising Business Continuity Plans to Protect Businesses from Loss and Keep them Running
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Provides IT solutions for investment and alternative asset management firms

Panterra: Unifying the Cloud
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A provider of unified cloud-based services for communications, enterprise file sharing and mobility solutions for mid-market enterprises (MME).

How Network Performance Monitoring can be a Boon for Organizations
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In this hyperconnected world, network monitoring (NPM) has become one of the main factors to ensure seamless and hassle-free operations. Many companies that operate on digital space are implementing NPM solutions to examine any poor performance...

Redefining Network Monitoring with AI
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Enterprise networks have evolved in terms of functioning and usage over the past few decades. Now, modernizing IT, providing the foundation for enterprises to remain competitive are critical for business success. These changes in network...

How Digital Marketing Can Help in Brand Management
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The digital transformation has brought the entire world closer today. Anybody can have access to a piece of information with a plethora of social media networks, news channels, and other sources. While the shared pool of knowledge has helped in...

The Digital Roadmap for the Oil and Gas Industry
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Digital oilfield usually shows the use of online data on oilfield operations and resource management. It is a great step to safely and efficiently manage gas and oil assets than ever before. It also welcomes efficient oil and gas performance...

Choosing SD-WAN Managed Service to Align with Enterprise Requirements
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Connecting complex enterprise networks from afar, a software-defined wide area network or SD-WAN is becoming the lifeline of most of the companies. Most enterprises have had enough complications involving their network, and so, most of them are...

New Frontier of SD-WAN: Stepping into the Future
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A software-defined wide area network, or more commonly known as SD-WAN, connects complex enterprise networks. The network is indefinitely becoming the lifeblood of any enterprise, in today’s world of a general workforce, complex...

SDDC Network Development: The Challenge for IT Professionals
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The SDN model enables network administrators to achieve the increasingly virtualized and dynamic network agility required. For nearly every part of the network, SDN has the potential use cases and benefits in both Layer 2 and Layer 3 segments....

Innovating Newer Early-Stage Cell Therapy Methods
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Cell therapy is not a new aspect in the field of medical science, but over the last five years, this sector has experienced massive growth in the U.S. because of some innovative steps and FDA's approval of new products. This sector has become...

Freight Forwarding Services at its Best
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The e-commerce industry is changing and presenting new and innovative forms of online commerce for online retailers. Because global retail e-commerce is expected to exceed $6 trillion by 2021 each company would like to lead its niches. In the...

Technology Key to Building a Disruptive Networked Business
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Robert Crudup, EVP and CIO, SEI Investment Company

Industry after industry are being disrupted by new business models supported by technology platforms.  The rate of an industry’s disruption can be dramatic as exampled by firms like Uber which has redefined the for-hire personal...

WLAN: The Rise of Managed Wi-Fi Services
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Matthias Machowinski, Senior Research Director, Enterprise Networks and Video, IHS Markit [NASDAQ:INFO]

Managed networking services are services in which a third party (e.g., a service provider or a value-added reseller) handles various aspects of the day-to-day operation of an organization’s network and/or networking devices, rather than the...

Transformation of an enterprise service provider: Juniper MX platform
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Chuck Girt, CTO, One Community

The challenge today in Carrier class networks is meeting the high demand of customer expectations and diversity of delivery mechanisms while keeping costs within reason. As a carrier service provider solving the various transport options can be...

CIO's Evaluation of Implementing Software Management of the Network Layer
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Shreyas Shah, SVP-IT & CIO, Lumentum

As CIOs begin planning for future budget cycles, they must analyze their existing networks (capacity, depreciation, maintenance) against purchasing new physical equipment, as well as cloud-based virtual environments. Recent studies suggest other...

Seamless Integration into Networking Industry
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Robert Lewis, CIO, Assurant

Steps to take for innovating Networking Companies For most businesses today, it is about integration--seamless integration into industry leading productivity software and solutions. Today’s environment demands interoperability among many...

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