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Natural Language Processing and the Future of Customer Service
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Blake Averill, CEO and Eugene Willard, CIO, LaserShip, Inc

When Watson played Jeopardy, one of the more powerful demonstrations of Artificial Intelligence (AI) was Watson’s ability to use Natural Language Processing (NLP) to field questions and respond with his answers. Behind the scenes, Watson was...

Speaking of Disruption: How Messaging & AI will Disrupt the Contact Center
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Evan Gerber, VP of Digital Strategy, Workplace Solutions, Fidelity Investments

Evolving customer preferences, powerful new messaging platforms, and AI-driven technologies are fundamentally altering how contact centers interact with digital channels. Organizations must react to this shift by focusing on their data strategy,...

Waking up to the Contact Center Technology Revolution
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Keith R. McFarlane, CTO & VP of Engineering, LiveOps

An event occurred last year that really brought the power of big data and the Internet of Things (IoT) home to me. One night in August, a major earthquake awoke many across the Bay Area at around 3:20am. How do we know this? Legions...

Value Innovation in the Radiology Practice
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Shannon Werb, Chief Information Officer, Virtual Radiologic

Revolutionary Technological Solutions  Deep learning is one technology that will assist clinicians in what we like to think of as “assisted diagnostics.”There are examples of similar initiatives that are focused on replacing...

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