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LogicCloud IT: Holistic Approach to Infrastructure Management
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An IT support and services company that provides unique services and offerings that utilize best-of-breed, enterprise-grade technologies and strategies bundled and executed in an SMB friendly way

NEC Corporation of America: Redefining Cloud Infrastructure for a Wide Spectrum of Industries
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Provides Information and Communication Technology (ICT) solutions that integrates technology and expertise to benefit its clients in the long run

Massive Networks: A Unified Approach to Network Design
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Provider of Managed Wide Area Network solutions across the entire US domestic carrier ecosystem

Compsys: Computing Simplified
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Expertised in Remote Support, Network Design & Implementation and Cloud Services

Cologix: Strengthening Colocation Facilities
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Offers network neutral interconnection, scalable colocation space, reliable colocation power, efficient colocation cooling

QArea Inc.: Specialised Assistance for Software Designing, Development and Testing
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Provides clients with rich software outsourcing services that include, but aren’t limited to custom development, QA, design and maintenance

TEAM International: Where Innovation Meets Quality
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A nearshore custom software development consultancy that provides QA testing, IT outsourcing and Application configuration

OTSI: Pioneers in Providing Transformational Quality “Business” Assurance Service
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An QA service provider whose service offerings include Functional and Non functional testing, test maturity consulting, test automation factory and lifecycle acceleration services

Ajubeo:Cutting through the Cloud Technology
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A privately held cloud Infrastructure as a Service provider

Lumen21: Spearheading theCompliant Cloud Revolution
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A provider of managed services, custom application development, consulting services and infrastructure services

BELL INTEGRATOR: Bringing a Paradigm Shift to Technological Solutions While Staying True to Traditional Systems
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A provider of full cycle solution development services and solutions in terms of consulting, software development, integration, monitoring, quality assurance and testing, maintenance and support, cloud, mobility and big data.

Saxon Global: Partnering with the IT Industry in its Quest for Technical Excellence
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Saxon Global specializes in Business Intelligence, Mobility, Big Data & Cloud and provides IT tools and services to help organizations across industry verticals.

Cloudwick: Powering Data Driven Enterprises
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A big data systems integrator and managed service provider for the Global 1000.

Competing in the Healthcare Sector by Leveraging AI and Blockchain
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Increased adoption of AI and cognitive technologies in the healthcare sector has gained potential. Market players including IBM, Microsoft, and Google have invested to provide cognitive computing in start-up companies. Market segmentation in...

A New Addition to the Q-Flow 6 Family
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Technological advancement is bringing drastic changes to every sector. The healthcare sector is no exception. The proper use of technology can enable the hospitals to cater a better experience to the patients and reap more profit. The...

Seeing Past the Clouds: Evaluating Hosted vs. On-Premises Infrastructures
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Michael Everly, CIO, D&H Distributing

Reigning wisdom in the marketplace is if you’re not migrating your business functions to the cloud, you’re being left behind in the race to future-proof your network. As a distributor of networking technology, we constantly work with...

Creating Integrated Workflows for an Evolving Company
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Mike Everly, CIO, D&H Distributing

D&H Distributing, one of North America’s most prominent technology companies, is celebrating its 100th year in business in 2018. In a full century, a company is bound to experience a considerable series of changes that can only be viewed...

7 Innovations Currently Revolutionizing the Healthcare Industry
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The healthcare industry is in the midst of a massive wave of change owing to the latest technological advancements. The advent of digitalization has also influenced the industry by making the process of providing healthcare facilities more...

Bridgewater State University: Revamping IT Infrastructure
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Steve Zuromski, AVP of Information Technology, Bridgewater State University

"21st century businesses need 21st century infrastructure," is an adage most decision makers today firmly believe in. Quite obviously, since an enterprise’s infrastructure plays a vital role in determining its success, CIOs...

Transportation Data Lives on Cloud Nine
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Blair Thomas, Director, Customer Care, Columbian Logistics Network

The transportation industry can often be seen as a stodgy place to make a living. In the regulated days of the 1970’s, there was little a carrier could do to differentiate itself besides hosting the nicest happy hours or spiffing the best...

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