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5 Trends for Businesses to Look Forward to in 2019
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Driven by constant development in the economy, technology, and consumer expectations, the business world is continually evolving. Business leaders, emerging entrepreneurs, and technology experts are always interested in the latest trends and...

Top 4 Tech Trends Transforming the Conventions of Enterprise Networking
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Advanced networking is our digital future's unsung hero, providing a continuum of connectivity that can fuel the growth of new goods and services, replace inefficient working models, and enable digital transformation. FREMONT, CA: The field...

AI, Healthcare and High- Performance Medicine
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Dr. Chris Stout, VP, Clinical Research and Data Analytics, ATI Physical Therapy

Within a few weeks’ time I read “How Algorithms Could Bring Empathy Back To Medicine,” “How AI Is Humanizing Healthcare,” and “Making Health Care Human Again.”Each came from somewhat varied publishing...

Hot Trends in Mobile Marketing Founding the Next Digital Age
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FREMONT, CA: Mobile has become a fundamental gadget steering the lifestyle of the world. The Gen C (generation of connected consumers) leads to a drastic change in consumer behavior and drives involvement with smartphones for almost everything....

Refurbishing Commerce with the Digital Formula
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FREMONT, CA: Financial services are featuring the blissful era of digital transformation. Industries embrace the opportunities that Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and robotics give by making a difference in the everyday...

Who Runs Retail? The Machines
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Michelle Grant, Head of Retailing, Euromonitor International

The arrival of Big Data and the ability to process it have led to improvements in machine learning, creating new use cases for this technology. As a result, machine learning, algorithms that execute tasks without preprogrammed rules, has become a...

Augmenting Customer Service with AI
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FREMONT, CA: When customer service is concerned, AI aces the charts. Automation seems to be ruling all business verticals. The customer experience (CX) is one of the most crucial aspects of acquiring and retaining customers. Increased...

Resisting Financial Fraud using AI and ML
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Technologies play a significant role in streamlining all aspects of businesses. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are powerful technologies that companies are using to achieve increased efficiencies and provide innovative...

AI to Increase and Automate Employee Experience
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FREMONT, CA: A hasty exit after a month-long search in the current brutally competition-packed talent ecosystem is the worst caution of a human resources manager—and many are asking whether tools for artificial intelligence can prevent this....

Prominence and Future of MCML
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Computers can intelligently link data, identify relationships, draw conclusions, and make predictions with advances in computing power and new algorithms. This is the basis for new diagnostic tools in medicine, or in logistics and industrial...

Is Machine Learning an Asset in analyzing HR processes?
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Like all aspects of what modern businesses demand, technological advancements are proof that their adoption is transforming the way businesses operate and function. From IoT to cloud computing, big data, AR and VR, a range of emerging...

Natural Language Processing and the Future of Customer Service
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Blake Averill, CEO and Eugene Willard, CIO, LaserShip, Inc

When Watson played Jeopardy, one of the more powerful demonstrations of Artificial Intelligence (AI) was Watson’s ability to use Natural Language Processing (NLP) to field questions and respond with his answers. Behind the scenes, Watson was...

How Will Digital Transformation Impact Enterprises In 2019?
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Over the last decade, the enterprise arena has witnessed a tremendous surge in the implementation of digital technology. Digitization has successfully revolutionized businesses worldwide and is expected to continue growing in the foreseeing...

The Emerging Role of AI and Machine Learning in the Enterprise
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Martin Longo, CTO, TeleTech Growth Services

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning have advanced significantly in recent years. Once the stuff of science fiction novels, AI and machine learning are gaining traction in the enterprise, offering tremendous promise for improving...

AI Expo: The AI Expo announces initial line-up of keynote speakers for North America event
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The AI Expo North America event will showcase the next generation technologies and strategies from the world of artificial intelligence - an opportunity to explore and discover the practical and successful implementation of AI in driving forward...

IoT as an Enabler to Operations and Commercial Strategies
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Matthew Meier, VP & CIO, Whirlpool Corporation

The Ball’s in Our Court! Remember the days when the primary role of the CIO was as caretaker of the IT applications and infrastructure for the global enterprise? If email was up, transactional platforms and networks were humming along,...

What's the Big Deal about "Big Data"?
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Vikas Chawla, Executive Director, Morgan Stanley

Our IT industry is “buzz word” trigger happy.  You can make a living out of just knowing the latest buzz words and throwing them around in meetings as if you are an expert.  Majority of the buzz words die out while some...

AI and the Intelligent Cloud
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Michael Meyer, CIO and CSO, MRS BPO LLC

In the last 10 years, we have seen a number of new Artificial Intelligences (AIs) that have been born, spawned, or created.  None of these AIs is yet--anywhere near the powerfully scary omnipresence of the Machine or Samaritan that was...

Bigger than Big Data: Artificial Intelligence Powered
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Wendy Gonzalez, Senior Vice President & Managing Director, Samasource

Self-driving cars, music and movie streaming, and next-gen gaming consoles all have one thing in common: they are driven by artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence (AI) is no longer reserved for movie effects and science fiction, but an...

How Energy Utility Companies Become Efficient and Profitable Using Cloud and Analytics
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Anubhav Dwivedi, CEO & Founder, Saviant Consulting

Utility Industry Situation Rapid changes are taking place in Water Utilities throughout the world. Their key focus is to make better use of data. Utility restructuring and privatization is a need. Utilities are under increasing pressure to...

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