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Employee Engagement Paving Way to Business Enhancement
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Hap Aziz, Ed.D. Director of Learning, Human Resources, AdventHealth

The way in which business leadership considers the needs of its workforce has changed greatly over the past several decades. Very recently, in fact, the idea of employee experience has become more broadly adopted among organizations as a way of...

Essentials to Consider While Selecting an LMS for Compliance Training
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An LMS (Learning Management System) is an integral training platform that is aimed at reducing the unwanted incidents that may occur at a workplace; therefore procuring one becomes a tough task. Traditional procurement model included...

How LMS solutions can be Effective for Employee Training Programs
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Employee engagement and retention are two of the most crucial aspects of a business organization. A happy and engaged employee can go the extra mile in ensuring efficient business growth for companies. Training and other professional...

Reaping the Benefits of LMS
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Employee engagement is important in enhancing an organization’s productivity and profitability. When employee engagement increases, there will be an increase in the turnover of a company and benefit the employees. The Learning Management...

Learning Management System makes the Human Resource Department Efficient
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Today, the human resource (HR) department needs to evolve according to the industry standards. These developments impel enterprises to improve productivity and work culture in the organization. The HR department hires employees and plays a crucial...

Digitalizing Corporate Training Programs
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Augie Schulke, EVP & CHRO, Veolia North America

A team of visionary human resources leaders at the Veolia group is bringing educational and training services into the 21st Century for a company that employs more than 169,000 people in locations across the globe, recognizing that bringing the...

LILEE Systems Introduces New Mobile Connectivity Systems to Streamline Rail Operations
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SAN JOSE, CA: LILEE Systems, a provider of positive train control services and solutions, announces the launch of a new Cloud-based Systems Management Suite and addition of two new products to its mobile connectivity software and hardware...

Adding New Standard in the Traditional Learning System
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Jeff Dunn, Sr. Director, DVX, DeVry Education Group

Tackling the technology challenges in the growing Education Industry Every educational organization serves students with diverse backgrounds, needs, interests, and abilities. Meeting students where they are is a huge challenge. Although...

Sales Gravy: The Sales Acceleration Company
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What’s the secret to success of the world’s highest performing sales teams? Sales Gravy. An international corporate training consultancy that offers e-learning programs, classroom sessions, and consulting services to help clients generate the...

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