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8 Big Trends Bringing Digital Revolution in the Logistics Industry Landscape
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Logistics has evolved as a way to supply troops with weaponry and other goods needed for warfare and later developed and cherished as a unique business concept. Since then, it has been undergoing a revolution and expanded beyond the boundaries of...

Driving Human Resource Data
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Gretchen Alarcon, Group Vice President, Human Capital Management Strategy, Oracle

HR Then & Now and the increasing role of Data Analytics—why does this matter and where is it used today? Historically, HR has focused solely on the core HR functions including hiring and recruiting, talent management, training,...

Embracing IoT for Novel Disaster Management and Recovery plans
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Not every calamity can be avoided, but now IoT can predict disasters or build remedies and deter them. When unexpected natural disasters strike, respondents can access real-time information aimed at helping people where they need to be quicker,...

Top 4 Tech Trends Transforming the Conventions of Enterprise Networking
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Advanced networking is our digital future's unsung hero, providing a continuum of connectivity that can fuel the growth of new goods and services, replace inefficient working models, and enable digital transformation. FREMONT, CA: The field...

Innovating Employee Experiences with Digital Workspace Inventions
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The wave of digital innovation is transforming the outlook of work, promoting employee wellness as well as productivity. The corporate environment has been witnessing the evolution of the contemporary workspace for centuries–from the...

3 Things to Consider While Securing Your IoT Network against Cyber Threats
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In an era when hackers are training their resources on IoT networks, organizations need to upgrade their cybersecurity strategies to safeguard their assets. FREMONT, CA: The Internet of Things (IoT) has emerged as a revolutionary...

Equal Importance of both Cybersecurity Efforts and Patient Care
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Sara Jost, Global Healthcare Industry Lead, Blackberry

As the Internet of Things (IoT) gains traction with smart city projects underway in Singapore, healthcare operators are recognizing the serious need for securing patient data records and connected devices. In fact, truly digital patient care may...

Combating Security Threats in Healthcare IoT
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The Internet of Things (IoT) provides an abundance of benefits in the healthcare landscape ranging from monitoring patients to using data to gain insights on care delivery and thus the usage of these connected devices is increasing. But...

Increasing Importance of Wearable Tech in Today's Healthcare
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Wearable technology is one of the most effective ways of achieving interoperability. Over the past few years, more wearables have moved to real-time patient monitoring—predominantly due to lower sensor prices, advances in IoT, and increased...

The Realm of Artificial Intelligence
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FREMONT, CA: Companies across the globe are getting influenced by artificial intelligence as it offers extensive potential in modernizing business developments, reducing operational costs and automating tedious everyday jobs. After the...

Inclinations in Automated Software Testing for the Years Ahead
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Software testing and quality assurance have changed drastically from a gate-keeping quality approach to a more evolved, active, purpose-fit, and strategic one. In a real sense, quality assurance is now quality engineering. The dominant...

Ways 5G can Reform your Healthcare Business
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FREMONT, CA: The embedded structural and regulatory complexities of the traditional legacy system made it difficult to integrate new technologies into healthcare. However, with the technological innovations flooding the entire industry, a gateway...

Stay Fit and Fine with Healthcare Technology!
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FREMONT, CA: Innovations in healthcare technology have been taking new shape in the present day. Over time, they have upgraded patient care and medical systems, and are now moving toward the complete utilization of the tools like artificial...

Innovative Technologies Transforming the IT Infrastructure
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FREMONT, CA: IT network is a vital component of any modern business. IT has widened its role to include many expertise areas, along with data centers and server functionalities. Looking into the crystal ball it's obvious to see the effects of...

Technologies in Retail Industry Delivering Truly Customer-First Experience
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FREMONT, CA: Of course, retailers are already making major investments in tech: Wal-Mart alone has spent over 10.5 billion dollars on IT and tops the list of the world’s greatest technological investors. However, many retailers struggle to...

How Procurement can Support an "I Need It Yesterday" Request from IT
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Susanne Wrage, Senior Director , Center of Excellence, Denali Sourcing Services

To be competitive, organizations continually strive to do more with less and IT and Procurement departments are no different. Adding to this challenge are the number of technology initiatives undertaken by organizations to empower employees to...

HR Technologies Reinventing the Realm of Talent Acquisition
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FREMONT, CA: HR Industry will see increasing adoption of nudge-based technology designed to foster productive employee behavior, increased scrutiny of artificial intelligence tools, and enhanced use of specialized point systems. This year,...

Effective Investment in Cloud Computing Technology
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FREMONT, CA – Cloud computing has become the foundation for the integration of advanced technologies, including the internet of things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and blockchain. The enterprises across...

IoMT: Moving the Needle on Healthcare Practices
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FREMONT, CA: The Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) is capable of transforming the healthcare sector. High-tech solutions help catering to real-time needs in terms of cost and other complexities. The IoMT can improve processes related to tracking,...

Application of IoT on Healthcare: Hurdles and Solutions
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The field of healthcare has seen significant advancements owing to the Internet of Things. Medical professional nowadays have been able to provide better care to patients as more and more duties are being taken up by assisting technologies....

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