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Hemsley Fraser: Engage in Corporate Education the HF Way
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Hemsley Fraser collaborates with organizations worldwide to provide innovative learning and development solutions

Peloton: The Backbone of Innovation and Business Transformation with Peloton Cloud Services
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Renders implementation and advisory services in the areas of enterprise performance management, enterprise information management and analytics

Why Service Centers Need not Fear AI: How to Play the Field to Elevate the Customer Service Conversation
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Lee Farrell, VP, Engineering Services and Solutions Division, Business Imaging Solutions Group, Canon U.S.A., Inc

Customer service used to be reactive. Generally, a standalone product issue would come in and the appropriate call representative would then field it accordingly. Once a seemingly simple process, customer service is now under rapid evolution as it...

Emergence of Next-Gen Wireless Networks to Propel the Growth of 3G and 4G Market: A Technavio Report
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FREMONT, CA: Technavio releases ‘Global 3Gand 4G Devices Market 2016-2020’ report covering the growth prospects of the global 3G/4G devices market. The research predicts the market to grow steadily at a CAGR of about 4% by 2020. The...

Using the Power of Analytics to Market Your Enterprise Services Business More Effectively
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Shama Hyder, Founder and CEO of Marketing Zen

How are you currently using big data in your business? To expand your customer intelligence and provide better customer service? To improve the efficiency of your operations and revamp your processes? Did you know you can also use big data to...

Find the Hidden Value in your Service Desk
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David Peltzman, SVP, Business Development, Alphanumeric Systems

When it comes to the service desk, smart organizations truly can have it all. The old thought that a service desk can be any two of three options—cheap, good, and fast— is over. New technology and innovative approaches have allowed...

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