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Beginning of IT Healthcare Innovation
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A strategic approach toward innovation will eventually allow organizations to make full use of the recent healthcare techniques. FREMONT, CA: As suppliers start to adopt innovative healthcare instruments, patients, physicians, and...

Introducing the Clinical Informatics Solution to Innovate Healthcare Services
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A new clinical informatics solution manages the legacy EHR data and enables easy access for the clinicians and healthcare information management staff to improve patient care and optimize business operations.   FREMONT, CA: Flatirons...

Healthcare Welcomes Smart Applications, Creating an Addiction-Free World
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Intensifying in every way possible, Healthcare has now explored a new search engine app for addiction treatment.   FREMONT, CA: WeRecover has launched the WeRecover app for both iOS and Android users. WeRecover is a venture-backed...

Digital Health Applications Transcending Patient Experiences and Cost Savings
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The strives to adopt digital health tools into clinical practice has progressed significantly, and it translates to improving patient outcomes and cost savings. FREMONT, CA: Healthcare data technology company, Competitive Health rolls out its...

Data Science: Unveiling its Newest Impact on the Digital Market
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In recent years, digitalization has delivered massive data or information mechanics and analytics, which essentially caters to processes yielding better results. FREMONT, CA: Everything from technology, data interference, and algorithm...

The 4 Novel Areas Where Robotics is Making a Mark
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The integration of emergent technologies such as AI and ML in robotics has widened the scope of robotics applications, leading to the automation of various processes across different sectors. FREMONT, CA: The integration of artificial...

AI, Healthcare and High- Performance Medicine
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Dr. Chris Stout, VP, Clinical Research and Data Analytics, ATI Physical Therapy

Within a few weeks’ time I read “How Algorithms Could Bring Empathy Back To Medicine,” “How AI Is Humanizing Healthcare,” and “Making Health Care Human Again.”Each came from somewhat varied publishing...

True Innovation in the Healthcare Industry
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Lynn Gibson, CTO/VP, CHRISTUS Health

In healthcare, many connect innovation to technology. It is easy to recognize the advancements in healthcare over the many decades. The recognition that microorganisms were responsible for so many diseases came from the use of new technology. The...

Equal Importance of both Cybersecurity Efforts and Patient Care
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Sara Jost, Global Healthcare Industry Lead, Blackberry

As the Internet of Things (IoT) gains traction with smart city projects underway in Singapore, healthcare operators are recognizing the serious need for securing patient data records and connected devices. In fact, truly digital patient care may...

The 3 Ways Software is About to Eat Healthcare
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Glen Tullman, Executive Chairman, Livongo

As someone who was at the forefront of creating software that would impact the way we deliver healthcare, I remember the resistance and doubt that accompanied the rise of e-prescribing and Electronic Health Records. Some physicians said they would...

Combating Security Threats in Healthcare IoT
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The Internet of Things (IoT) provides an abundance of benefits in the healthcare landscape ranging from monitoring patients to using data to gain insights on care delivery and thus the usage of these connected devices is increasing. But...

Increasing Importance of Wearable Tech in Today's Healthcare
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Wearable technology is one of the most effective ways of achieving interoperability. Over the past few years, more wearables have moved to real-time patient monitoring—predominantly due to lower sensor prices, advances in IoT, and increased...

Enhancing Employee Engagement in Hospitals
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Greg Till, EVP and Chief People Officer, Providence St. Joseph Health

As a health care organization, we are literally accountable for people’s lives. Therefore, the bar must be higher for us to create an environment that ensures our employees (doctors, nurses, and administrative staff) can bring their...

Industrial Transformation with Big Data
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FREMONT, CA: Nearly 40 percent of the data in the world today depends upon the introduction of machine-to-machine information and sensors, which can affect different global enterprises such as customized medicines and carbon footprint. Big data...

IoMT: Moving the Needle on Healthcare Practices
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FREMONT, CA: The Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) is capable of transforming the healthcare sector. High-tech solutions help catering to real-time needs in terms of cost and other complexities. The IoMT can improve processes related to tracking,...

Blockchain's Health Services to Promote More Efficient Medical Systems
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FREMONT, CA: The challenges facing the national health system are well known to us. Healthcare stakeholders are increasingly pressurized to control both costs and to provide patients with high-quality treatment, from expensive data-sharing...

Organizations Are Readying for the Future of Consumer Technology
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FREMONT, CA: Healthcare organizations have an ever-expanding number of tools to engage consumers by changing technology at lightning speed. Although health care has lagged behind in terms of digital technology adoption as compared to other...

Redefining the Healthcare Space with Cloud Computing
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Cloud Computing has become an essential in all industries that provide on-demand access for users to configure computing resources such as servers, storage, and applications. Based on recent surveys, it's become more evident that IT services...

Healthcare Organizations Should Realistically Strategize Value-Based Care Initiatives
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Health and Human Services Department has heard from stakeholders over the past year that there are still barriers to interoperable access to health information, along with barriers to technical, financial, trust, and business practice. Such...

Value-Based Healthcare and Population Health Analytics
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As demand for value-based healthcare is rising, so is the need for programs to manage population health that allows providers to focus on patient groups rather than individuals. For the transition to value-based care, population health analytics...

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