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Global IT : Fostering Compliance through Proactive Monitoring
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Technology infrastructure and IT service provider with diverse services like Manages iT servioces, VoIP, Cloud hosting, Infrastructure management & monitoring etc

Alert: Businesses will be Left Behind Without AI
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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is already being enacted in companies all over the world, and while there is growing concern about whether robots will take over the workplace, few predict that it will significantly improve and even create jobs in the...

Transforming Supply Chain for the "Now Economy"
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Steve Martin, VP of Automotive, Ryder System, Inc. [NYSE:R]

Affordable technology’s moving at warp speed, putting immense pressure on businesses across all industries to keep up. It’s a matter of choosing to step onto the playing field to tackle the competition in spite of the bumps and bruises...

Collaboration is as Collaboration Does: Driving Business Success with the Right Unified Communications Tool
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Jon Brinton, EVP & President, Mitel Cloud Division [NASDAQ: MITL] Edit

The globalization of the enterprise has shifted the nature of collaboration, making unified communications tools a necessity and giving multinational enterprises and their teams the ability to function seamlessly across time zones. Being able to...

Four Key Takeaways for Multilingual Success in Contact Centers
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Tom Tseki, VP & GM, GeoFluent & Customer Care Solutions, Lionbridge

For today’s contact center professionals, language is arguably the most important component of customer experience. With new market forces such as the increase of digital and mobile channels, as well as continued diversification and...

Business and Data Analytics to Achieve Productive Outcomes
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Todd Simpson, CIO, FDA

The U.S. Food and Drug Ad­ministration (FDA) regu­lates foods, drugs, biologics, medical devices, cosmetics, dietary supplements, tobacco products, electronic products and more. Between 2009 and 2013, the FDA’s roles and...

The Challenges for Higher Education
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Kim Peretti, VP, Adobe Training Services

The times are changing and this is how the song goes. And it rings especially true for Higher Education. With globalization of our world and accelerating pace of technological innovation,our current higher education systems will face challenges in...

Smart Machines and Smarter People: Impacts on the Sourcing Decision
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Michael A. Fabrizi, Principal Member of the Technical Staff, The MITRE Corporation

The factors most telling for making outsourcing decisions are changing. In outsourcing’s early years, one of the most important considerations was the potential to reduce costs of input factors. While cost is still important, a more...

Technology and Digitization will Accelerate Business Transformation
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Roger W. Parks,VP-IT & CIO, J.R. Simplot Company

Teh IT industry today is going through one of teh greatest transformations in its history. This IT transformation is disrupting traditional business models, while creating new revenue streams, reducing operating costs and inefficiencies,...

5 Key Factors for Choosing a Software Development Outsourcing Partner
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Steve Mezak CEO, Accelerance, Inc.

Software plays a vital role in teh ongoing success of modern day companies. That being said, finding, attracting, training and retaining skilled software developers can often be easier said TEMPthan done for many companies. To complicate matters...

Allow an Omni-Channel Transformation to Blossom
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Leslie Hand, Research Director, IDC Retail Insights

Retail is in the midst of a  transformation unlike any  seen since the 1970's when  chain retail first got serious  about leveraging technology  to electronically tabulate sales,  automate reporting, and...

Visionary Retailer staking Advantage
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Steve Buege,

May you live in interesting times,” so goes the ancient Chinese proverb that some interpret as a curse. In many respects, it may seem like today’s retailers have been living the curse for the last decade. For the last ten years, the...

Onshore Near Shore and Dual Shore -New Delivery Optionsfor Global Practices
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Caragh Landry, Global Head, Onshore Managed Review Legal Discovery Services, Integreon

The growing pressure on law firms and corporate in-house counsel to reduce expenditure each year, especially in regards to litigation related expense, has made outsourcing an increasingly attractive option. Greater efficiency, access to skilled...

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