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Fun isn't all with Games as Gamification Restructures Team Building
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Gamification tailors exciting, educational, and fun learning experiences, offering additional benefits that conventional systems are unable to provide.  FREMONT, CA: Gamification has gained attention in the online world as a way to engage...

To Improve ROI on Digital Transformation: Doctrines of Successful Implementation
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Sathyanarayanan Sethuraman,

In this age of customer activism, success of business hinges on satisfying customers’ needs to retain and grow the mind and wallet share. It is very clear that customers want more for less. More of experience - ease, relevance and...

What is Data Visualization and Why is it Important?
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Chris Pittenturf,

Do you know the saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words”? That statement has never been more accurate than in reference to a well thought out data visualization! In its simplest terms data visualization is the attempt to take...

Emerging Packaging Industry Trends
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The transformation of packaging over the years has been massive. From sustainable environmental packaging to smart packaging, the future of packaging is here. Fremont, CA: Packaging has always been an integral part of the retail industry....

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