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Evolving Efficiency of KYC Process
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Brad Mitchell, CIO, CTBC Bank Corp. (USA)

Regulations like the Anti Money Laundering/ Bank Secrecy Act (AML BSA) demand strong risk assessment and control of activities typically associated with money laundering. The CTBC Bank Corp. utilizes KYC processes to strongly comply with all...

FIME Launches TrustAPI to Streamline Open API Testing Process
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The open banking API testing solution will enable organizations to automate, digitalize, and personalize their open API testing process. FREMONT, CA: FIME, a payment testing company, recently introduced the TrustAPI, an automated test tool...

5 Digital Ideas for Banks to Reinforce Security and Customer Trust
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Banks engage in constant vigilance to grow and scale that also involves offering better products and services while lowering risk and eliminating security threats. FREMONT, CA: Digital disruption has made its presence marked in retail banking....

3 Things Financial Service Institutions Cannot Miss to Look in Cloud
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Financial services organizations are largely shifting their applications to the cloud, seeking the efficiencies and cost reductions; this smart move proves to holds. FREMONT, CA: From banks to financial services, organizations are investing in...

Industry Gets Easier with Business Apps
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Safety has always been a priority for every business in the industry and here’s how the companies can secure their hard-work! FREMONT, CA: In the new era of digital transformation, virtualization, cloud, and containerization are...

Refurbishing Commerce with the Digital Formula
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FREMONT, CA: Financial services are featuring the blissful era of digital transformation. Industries embrace the opportunities that Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and robotics give by making a difference in the everyday...

Resisting Financial Fraud using AI and ML
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Technologies play a significant role in streamlining all aspects of businesses. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are powerful technologies that companies are using to achieve increased efficiencies and provide innovative...

Fintech Start-ups to Provide Personalized Healthcare Services
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Entrepreneurs look for different ways in which fintech start-ups are advancing in healthcare. Fintech startup adviser, Affordplan, is an investment-based company used to expand the team that focus on sales, marketing, and technology functions to...

Are Stumbling EMEA Market Trends temporary?
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The Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) region is a thriving region for the As-a-Service market, with record third-quarter spending up by 48 percent, to €1 billion while traditional sourcing saw its worst slump in a decade; falling 43...

Streamlining Business Growth: Things to Outsource
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Outsourcing services have become the new buzz to essentially allow firms to streamline their multiple processes, reduce unnecessary burdens, and focus on their core operations. Apart from the widely used business automation and management...

The Rise of Outsourcing
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Michael Wilson, EVP and CIO First Financial Bank Texas

Outsourcing in the banking industry is on the rise. From account solutions and core banking systems to research and analysis, businesses are looking to outside organizations for expertise rather than building a team internally. In fact, according...

3 Things to Know Before Moving Your Contact Center to the Cloud
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Michael Ringman, CIO, TELUS International

The thought of moving your contact center to the cloud can be daunting. Potential disruptions, lack of familiarity and concerns about security can serve as major deterrents. But the benefits of a cloud contact center can far outweigh any potential...

Doing More with Less: Improving Operational Efficiency through Technology and Innovation
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Cindy Skaruppa, VP, Enrollment Services, Cleveland State University

In today’s higher education landscape where doing more with fewer resources is the norm, leveraging technology to improve processes and gain efficiencies is imperative. Over the past several years Cleveland State University (CSU) has been...

The New Way to Outsource: Digital Labor
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Sean McIlrath, VP, IPsoft

In today’s fast-paced, digitally connected world, traditional IT outsourcing has reached the limits of its value. To achieve significant cost reductions, corporations must create streamlined workflows rather TEMPthan arbitraging labor. In...

Moulding Complete Business Solution through Netsuite Software
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Steve Hankins, EVP & CFO / CIO, Globe Express Services

With 80 offices, 56 different general ledgers, 56 customer master files, 56 vendor master files, 30 legal entities spread over 20 different countries with multiple languages doing business in more than 20 currencies you have a challenge as a...

Is Your Firm Ready for Hyper-Contextual Trading?
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Andrew F. Bach, Chief Architect for the Financial Services Team, Juniper Networks

Fast is good, but smart is better. As profits from high-frequency trading have eroded, capital market firms are shifting their focus to high-intelligence trading. Microseconds, milliseconds and nanoseconds will always matter, but a significant...

Empowering Financial Services Space with Technology
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Isaac Sacolick, CIO/CTO, Greenwitch Associates

Role of Technology in Financial Services Technology TEMPhas to take an active role transforming the business. In financial services and especially in banking, dis is likely a digital transformation where most of the business is already...

Leveraging the Data from IoT
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Mike Shemancik, CIO, ABT Power Management

There is a lot of hype and excitement about the “Internet of Things” and the promise it brings around collecting and triangulating data from whatever array of sensors and devices are applicable to your business. The technical and...

The New Wave of Technology
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Roman Trakhtenberg,

Challenges in Technology We are the technology providers for enterprises, not sure whether we can comment on behalf of clients. “Furthermore, there has been a drastic shift in the mix between the apportionment of hardware and software...

Leaning Into 2016 -Five Observations for the Year Ahead
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Ann Neidenbach, CIO, Convergex

U.S. stock markets may be essentially unchanged for the year, but that’s about the only thing in the brokerage business that hasn’t seen dramatic shifts in 2015. "Blockchain technology - if you aren’t already exploring,...

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