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Why We Need to Solve Cloud Sprawl and How
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Tim Minahan, SVP and CMO, Citrix

We’ve come a long way with the cloud—in just a few years, it’s trans­formed enterprise infrastructure, redefined the economics of IT, and sparked a revolution in digital busi­ness. But now we’re seeing its...

Making Healthcare Better Through Mobile Innovation
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Bijoy Sagar, Global CIO, Stryker

The medical technology industry, like many others in the healthcare sector, recognizes the importance of innovative data-based solutions in delivering a superior patient and customer experience. Assuring the delivery of these solutions within a...

Enterprise Mobility: Empowering Field Services
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Simon Cooper, CIO, ServicePower Technologies, Plc

The initial shift to mobile was pioneered by field service organizations that began using enterprise applications on the first mobile devices to enhance field worker productivity. "Enterprise mobility is a ‘must have’ for any...

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