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Rugged Managed Mobility Delivers More Control, Lower Costs
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Marco Nielsen, Vice President, Managed Mobility Services, Stratix Corporation

For one large auto parts distributor, getting a handle on mobility posed major challenges. Each of the company’s 58 distribution centers had its own mobile budget, so the technology varied by location. Capital spending was difficult to...

Enterprise Mobility & Big Data Architecture: A Revenue Generating Approach
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Sureel Bhurat, Co-Founder, Synapse

Let's face it - the process of selecting the right technology to address next generation solutions like enterprise mobility, BYOD or big data, is exciting for sure but also implies undertaking a massive research project. Researching the...

Ready.Set.Go Mobile! Low Code Platforms Assist Enterprises in Developing Better Mobile Apps, Faster
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Richard Rabins, CEO and founder, Alpha Software Corporation

Mobile applications are the current in demand technologies.Within the portfolio of essential enterprise technology, CIOs must balance end-user requirements with increasing enterprise demands for quality mobile apps--FAST. New technology helps...

Enterprise Mobility: Empowering Field Services
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Simon Cooper, CIO, ServicePower Technologies, Plc

The initial shift to mobile was pioneered by field service organizations that began using enterprise applications on the first mobile devices to enhance field worker productivity. "Enterprise mobility is a ‘must have’ for any...

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