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How Procurement can Support an "I Need It Yesterday" Request from IT
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Susanne Wrage, Senior Director , Center of Excellence, Denali Sourcing Services

To be competitive, organizations continually strive to do more with less and IT and Procurement departments are no different. Adding to this challenge are the number of technology initiatives undertaken by organizations to empower employees to...

Elevating and Demystifying Enterprise Architecture to Maximize Business Impact
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Cameron Ahler, Executive Director, Enterprise Architecture and Solution Delivery, Bridgestone Americas

I recently attended an Enterprise Architecture (EA) conference to get a pulse for how businesses perceive their Enterprise Architecture teams. While the keynote speakers were strategic, technologically forward-facing and business outcome focused,...

Enterprise Architecture: Your Tool for Right-Sizing Security
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Ted Kieffer, Director Enterprise Architecture, Grainger

I sometimes find it amusing that the same high-level issues we face when addressing security now are the same as when I first started security work almost two decades ago. The tools may have changed. The people may have changed. The methods may...

Enterprise Architecture, Technology and their Relationship
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Michael King, VP, Enterprise Architecture, Lloyds Banking Group

When I was approached to write this article, I had multiple, somewhat conflicting reactions. The first prevailing reaction was excitement and gratitude for being granted the opportunity to write about something other than my internal design...

Collaboration is Critical to a Successful EA
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Michael Kalman, CIO, Hartville Pet Insurance Group

Not too long ago I attended a conference of CIOs. While waiting for the keynote to begin, I struck up a conversation with the man sitting next to me, a fellow CIO from the west coast. He said something to me regarding Enterprise Architecture (EA)...

The Changing Face of IT Leadership
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Roger Leone, CIO, Silicon Valley Bank [NASDAQ: SIVB]

Today, information technology executives have an influential seat in the C-suite and effective leadership is essential for their company’s success. The accelerated pace of technology adoption across industries means the IT team is more...

Organizations that have a Mature Enterprise Architecture Function are Better Positioned to take Advantage of Emerging and Converging Technologies
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Bill Genovese, Principall&Technology Architect, WGroup

When you build a house, do you build it haphazardly without requirements or specifications? Of course not. You want to ensure that the house has a solid foundation, running water, electricity, access to public services, physical security services...

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