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Q2Cloud: Delivering Reliable Cloud Backup and Recovery Services
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Offers infrastructure on demand for enterprise-scale data recovery services

C7 Data Centers: Taking Cloud Technology to Newer Heights
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A provider of DRaaS, IaaS and private cloud suite solutions with expert assistance in setup, migration, monitoring and other managed IT services.

CloudHesive (www.cloudhesive.com): Keeping the Cloud Secure
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CloudHesive is a company that is fighting on the frontlines of war against data breaches. Started in 2014 this Fort Lauderdale, FL based cloud services provider has been helping companies migrate their workloads to Amazon Web Services and...

Encryption-Is it enough?
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Jerry Irvine, EVP, CIO, Prescient Solutions

CIOs and their corporations are looking for the magic bullet to protect their intellectual property and the personally identifiable information of their clients, partners and employees. Legacy security measures such as firewalls and antivirus...

3 Steps to Elevating Corporate Security
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Mark Kelly, CIO/VP of IT and Services, Curvature

For any “computer nerd” (read: IT professional), how can you ever pass up an opportunity to immerse yourself in the creative and innovative world of security circumvention? After all, protecting your organization’s network and...

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