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Introducing the Clinical Informatics Solution to Innovate Healthcare Services
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A new clinical informatics solution manages the legacy EHR data and enables easy access for the clinicians and healthcare information management staff to improve patient care and optimize business operations.   FREMONT, CA: Flatirons...

Industry Gets Easier with Business Apps
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Safety has always been a priority for every business in the industry and here’s how the companies can secure their hard-work! FREMONT, CA: In the new era of digital transformation, virtualization, cloud, and containerization are...

What's Best for the Patient?
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Dr. Michael Blackman, Medical Director, Strategic Initiatives, Allscripts

Most physician practices contract with multiple private payers along with Medicare and Medicaid. Historically, each of those payers requested different quality measures, even using different criteria for ostensibly similar measures, and offered a...

The 3 Ways Software is About to Eat Healthcare
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Glen Tullman, Executive Chairman, Livongo

As someone who was at the forefront of creating software that would impact the way we deliver healthcare, I remember the resistance and doubt that accompanied the rise of e-prescribing and Electronic Health Records. Some physicians said they would...

Healthcare Organizations Should Realistically Strategize Value-Based Care Initiatives
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Health and Human Services Department has heard from stakeholders over the past year that there are still barriers to interoperable access to health information, along with barriers to technical, financial, trust, and business practice. Such...

Value-Based Healthcare and Population Health Analytics
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As demand for value-based healthcare is rising, so is the need for programs to manage population health that allows providers to focus on patient groups rather than individuals. For the transition to value-based care, population health analytics...

What Healthcare Can Do About Phishing
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As healthcare is heavily reliant on technology these days, the sector incurs more financial losses from data breaches than any other industry. At this point, health IT security experts might have a battle on their hands. The increasing...

The Top Priorities of IT leaders in Healthcare Arena
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According to CHIME and LexisNexis Risk Solutions’ report, the top priorities of chief information officers in the healthcare arena are interoperability, cybersecurity, data governance, and patient trust. Healthcare executives are more...

Technological Breakthrough in Healthcare with the Advent of Blockchain
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The blockchain is now out of the trial phase and is swiftly entering different industries, including healthcare. The healthcare ecosystem is set to see the next technological breakthrough with the advent of the blockchain. IBM mentions explicitly...

Medical Innovations for Future
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Healthcare is an industry in need of innovation. Healthcare providers, life science companies are facing rising costs and inconsistent outcomes. So innovations in healthcare can bring breakthrough performances. The top innovations that transform...

Ciena Powers Moffitt Cancer Center with Innovative Network Technology
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FREMONT, CA: Moffitt Cancer Center in the United States announces leveraging Ciena’s packet optical technology to enhance and better collaboration between the staff including the researchers, physicians and clinicians of the cancer center....

TechLeaders Consulting (TLC): Improving the Quality of Healthcare Delivery with MU Implementation
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A leading consultancy firm, TechLeaders Consulting (TLC) offers full service solutions for meaningful use, practice transformation, credentialing services, project management, and HIPPA security compliance for clinics, doctors, nurses and other...

RelateCare: Next-Gen Contact Center Tech
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RelateCare is a healthcare communications consultancy and outsourcing organization that provides patient access and patient engagement solutions to leading healthcare organizations around the world. RelateCare is uniquely positioned to advise and...

RxNT: Leveraging IT to Drive Healthcare Delivery
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An ambulatory healthcare software provider offering innovative Practice Management, Electronic Health Record, and Electronic Prescribing solutions

Sharing Expertise through Telemedicine
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Todd Vento, Medical Director for the Infectious Diseases Telehealth Program, Intermountain Healthcare

Intermountain Healthcare has embarked on a remarkable journey of extending its telemedicine consultation program to infectious disease (ID) conditions, helping sixteen hospitals in its system and beyond. 1. Give us an overview of this program...

Hadoop and Health Care: A Timely Encounter
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David Edwards, VP & Fellow, Cerner Corporation

The big data revolution in the context of the enterprise arguably started with the open sourcing of Hadoop by Yahoo! in 2009. This is precisely the same time that bleeding edge health care IT organizations, including Cerner, began to apply this...

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