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Trianz: Harnessing the Cloud for Success
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A premium cloud services provider that helps clients formulate and execute their Cloud operational strategies to transform business and achieve results from a top-management point of view

Enterprise Engineering Inc.: Software Solutions for Financial Institutions to Navigate through the Emerging FinTech Landscape
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Specialized in offering software and IT consulting services to the world's largest Financial Institutions and premier wealth managers.

QualityWorks: Adding Agility to your Software Development Process
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A QA LLC that provides new project support, SCAMPI team support, nearshoring consultancy and various other QA consulting services along with QA architechture services and test management services

Gallop Solutions: Leveraging Specialist Testing Services
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A Software testing company that specializes in Co-located testing services, Software Testing Services, Test Automation, Agile Automation, HP QC Training, HP QTP/QC Customization, Test Automation Accelerator and Requirements Testing Framework

Significance of Testing In Today's Digital Environment
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Quality Analysis (QA) is one of the most significant aspects of the software development process. QA analysts collaborate with software developers to ensure that the most utilatrian software is delivered within the stipulated time frame. The...

The Next Big Thing in QA
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Quality Assurance (QA) is a measure taken to ensure a defect-free application. Several tasks can today be performed online, creating the demand for web app testing and automation skills for web-based solutions. The automation of tests via QA...

Elevating and Demystifying Enterprise Architecture to Maximize Business Impact
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Cameron Ahler, Executive Director, Enterprise Architecture and Solution Delivery, Bridgestone Americas

I recently attended an Enterprise Architecture (EA) conference to get a pulse for how businesses perceive their Enterprise Architecture teams. While the keynote speakers were strategic, technologically forward-facing and business outcome focused,...

Three Technical Debt Challenges and How to Overcome Them
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Olivier Huynh Van, CTO and Co-founder, Glue Networks

As organizations move toward digital transformation, they are faced with a growing challenge known as “technical debt.” This type of debt manifests in several forms. Let’s explore the most common three challenges it creates for...

Leveraging Amazon Web Services to Advance Democracy
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Chris Spence, CTO, National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI)

As an international non-profit working in the political arena, our organization is challenged to curb technology costs while facing increased internal demands for innovation, rising external competition and relentless security concerns. In...

Busting 4 DevOps Myths in Financial Services
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Andrew Phillips, Head Product Management, XebiaLabs

Many people in the financial services industry wrongly believe that DevOps and financial services inhabit such different worlds that they can never blend together successfully. There is a widespread perception that DevOps is too high-tech, too...

3 Reasons Why Flash Should Be Front and Center in Your Storage Strategy
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Vish Mulchand, Senior Director of Product Management & Marketing, HPE Storage

The rapid rise of flash to the top of the storage agenda is not surprising, given the advances we’ve seen in this technology over the past few years. Performance has improved by leaps and bounds, and the price decline curve has been steep....

Designing Virtualization Using Optimized Cloud Networks
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Pari Bajpay, VP Services Design, AT&T

AT&T is making some key paradigm shifts with its Domain 2.0 design frame­work for de­signing virtualized services that run on an optimized de­terministic cloud. This agile and adapt­able design framework enables AT&T to...

The Journey toward Cloud-First & the Stages of Adoption
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Stephen Orban, Global Head of Enterprise Strategy, Amazon Web Services

In my last post, I introduced some patterns I’ve observed within large enterprises that have implemented cloud-first policies. These enterprises have reversed the burden of proof from “Why should we use cloud?” to “Why...

The Enterprise Digital
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Steven Hall, Partner & Chief Research Officer, Information Services Group (formerly TPI)

Digital transformation is having a tremendous impact on enterprises and the broader outsourcing market. Cloud computing, data analytics, automation, and the Internet of Things (IoT) are fundamentally changing how organization engage with...

Technology is No Longer a Support Function
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Mark Wilmshurst, Global CIO, Reed Business Information

High demands placed on technology teams is nothing new, but each year sees a different set of challenges. Historically siloed and admonished for lack of deliverability, “over-rated” and “over-paid”, the change has been...

Approach for a Hybrid On-Premise & Cloud Strategy
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John Nelson, Director of IT-Infrastructure & Operations, Coherent

We began our journey to cloud-based applications and infrastructure in earnest with the renewal of our Microsoft Enterprise Agreement in June 2014. Like many organizations, we had piecemeal deployments of SaaS applications but no integrated...

Print in the Cloud
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Jeremy Witte, IT Director, Mittera Group

Being a technologist in the print industry usually involves converting digital into analog. In many cases, the resulting analog product produced by the printer shadows the technology component that ultimately drives the complete solution. As we...

Gaining Control of the Cloud in a High Velocity Digital World
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Mike Pearl, Principal and Global Cloud Computing Leader, PwC

In today’s fast-paced, digital world, businesses struggle to keep pace. They need to execute swiftly, without sacrificing quality, customer experience, or security. As such, businesses need to transform nearly every aspect of their operating...

The Next Generation of Outsourcing Delivery Models& Value Creation Dynamics
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Tripathi Amarish, Vice President, Sogeti

New technology has brought a rapid increase in customer expectations—leaving firms with the need to deliver high quality products/services quickly, at an optimal price point in order to remain competitive in the marketplace. As a result, the...

Creating an Agile Organization through DevOps
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Jeffrey Palermo, Chief Executive Officer, Clear Measure

There is a lot of confusion about DevOps, and if you ask three people what it is, you’re likely to get three different answers. Yet, the growing popularity of DevOps is due in large part to the benefits it brings to...

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