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Eight Steps to Becoming a Data-Driven Organization
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Ashley Stirrup, CMO, Talend

In today’s fast-paced, global economy, it is generally understood that companies must become data-driven in order to remain competitive. In fact, a report from           McKinseyGlobal Institute  indicates...

Azure Cloud at the Forefront of Development
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Phillip R. Kennedy, Director IT, PANDORA

At PANDORA, our mission is to celebrate women and special moments in their lives by offering them the opportunity for personal expression. We happen to use high-quality, contemporary jewelry at affordable prices to do this. The vision is to become...

Beyond the Hype-Understanding the Post Go-Live Business Intelligence Journey
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Mel Heckman, Director of Business Intelligence, Plano Synergy

                 The challenge of bringing Business Intelligence (BI) to an organization is daunting with a substantial investment in both time and money. There are a number of excellent books on the...

Navigating Virtualization to Improve Patient Care
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Michael K. Giannopoulos, CTO, Atrius Health

As exorbitant amounts of data increasingly become available at physicians’ fingertips to improve patient care, healthcare organizations must develop thoughtful methods for managing how that data is stored. At Atrius Health we have developed...

Reducing Clinical Variation In Medicine With Artificial Intelligence
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Michael C. Sanders, M.D., Chief Medical Informatics Officer, Flagler Hospital

Let’s start with acknowledging that Medical Errors are now the 3rd leading cause of death in the USA, having surpassed COPD. In addition, studies have shown us that 30 percent of all medical care costs are unnecessary. While clinical...

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