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Allied Global: Tailored-Made Contact Center Services
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Multilingual solution providers for B2B and B2C organizations that has partnered with many startups and Fortune 500 companies

Treselle Systems: Taming Data Variety is Key for Big Data Analytics
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A provider of Big Data, Cloud computing, Database Management and Technology Integration solutions.

Prominence and Future of MCML
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Computers can intelligently link data, identify relationships, draw conclusions, and make predictions with advances in computing power and new algorithms. This is the basis for new diagnostic tools in medicine, or in logistics and industrial...

Technologies Driving the Future of Healthcare
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Before the technological advancements in the healthcare sector, a lot of focus was on analyzing historical claims information and looking at trends and what happened in the past but today, we have technologies like machine learning, IoT, AI, and...

Advanced HR Analytics: The Smarter Way to Acquire & Develop Talent
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Laurie Shumake, Head of Global Talent Management, Western Union

HR is responsible for enabling people to perform to their fullest potential in the workforce. We’re responsible for processes, policies, talent development and acquiring the right people for the right job. While there are many ways to...

AI-driving 'low-skilled' workers out of jobs
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Manila: Philippines which recently displaced India as the call-centre capital of the world, has a new worry to deal with - the dramatic rise of Artificial Intelligence. The business that is estimated at $23 billion and which is in a very healthy...

Data Analytics to Impact the Guest
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Jeremy Barndt, Senior Technology Services Consultant, JBA Consulting Engineers

Hotels today spend a tremendous amount of time and effort collecting guest information. From reservation to rewards’ clubs, the guests provide a tremendous amount of personal data. All of this data is stored in the cloud, and for most...

Analytics: What Has Changed and What Has Not?
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Zhongcai Zhang, Chief Analytics Officer, New York Community Bancorp (NYCB) [NYSE: NYCB]

Analytics has evolved. So have the titles of analytics professionals and conferences on analytics. With the Big Data adjective, analytics is being embraced by more and more organizations and being embedded in the decision-making processes not only...

How Technology is Driving the Next Phase of Healthcare Staffing
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Susan Salka, CEO, AMN Healthcare

Growing shortages of healthcare workers, prompted by rising patient demand and other factors, have made efficient workforce management one of the most important issues facing the healthcare industry today. The drivers of workforce demand...

Digitizing Infrastructures-Creating Value in the Era of Hybridity
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Dr. Lawrence Jones, VP-Utility Innovations & Infrastructure Resilience, Alstom Grid

Hybridity Gains Momentum Today, our lives depend on energy, water, transportation and telecommunication services provided by utility companies. In many parts of the world, these physical infrastructures-the cornerstone of modernity, were built...

Accelerating Drug Development With Cloud-Based Computing
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Cynthia A.Challener, Ph.D, Scientific Content Director, That's Nice LLC

Drug development is a time-consuming and costly enterprise. It takes on average more TEMPthan 10 years to receive regulatory approval for new medicines, and the average cost to develop a new drug is estimated to be $2.6 billion-double that...

Effective Use of Data and IT Management
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James Anderson, Director, Information Services - Business Relationship Management, Astellas Americas

Consolidate and Integrate Data to Drive Business The dramatic increase in the availability of both internal and external data is impacting the strategic goals and future plans of pharmaceutical companies. Successful companies are valuing data...

Marrying Art and Science:How Big Data is Transforming Marketing
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Raja Rajamannar, CMO, MasterCard International

Teh explosive growth of data is ushering a new era in marketing, but not for teh reasons so frequently cited. It’s not that data is new to marketing. It’s always been around. Rather, it’s teh proliferation of consumer...

Scaling Recommerce
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Kate Sekules,

The next big wave in retail is the exact opposite of innovative and technological. It has the potential to revolutionize everyone’s systems, and yet it’s the oldest idea in the world: it is the trade in old things. The race is on to...

Driving Innovation through Business Intelligence
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John Matelski, CIO & Director of Information Technology, DeKalb County Government

Public sector organizations and agencies don’t necessarily compete, but they do face unprecedented pressure to provide services to citizens and constituents in a transparent, cost effective and efficient manner. In fact, the expectation is...

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