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AI Improving Contact Center Services
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Online customer experience, preventive assistance, and even revenue stream generations are getting transformed with AI-powered digital solutions. FREMONT, CA: Artificial intelligence (AI) is contributing immensely toward the changing dynamics...

The Role of the IT in the Analytically Driven Organization
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Dr. Kenneth Elliott, Global Director of Analytics, Hewlett Packard Enterprise Services

Leading enterprises have teams of ‘data scientists’ sifting through terabytes of big data to find meaningful insights which can help their organization understand trends, recommend actions and predict outcomes. These organizations are...

EMC Unveils New Services and Products for Enhanced Datacenter Applications
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FREMONT, CA: EMC, a provider of infrastructure tools and information, unveils new products and services in its portfolio for simplified Datacenter operations. The products include EMC Unity -family of storage arrays, Virtustream -Storage...

EMC launches Enterprise Copy Data Management Software to Mitigate Data Sprawl
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LAS VEGAS, NV: EMC, an information technology and services provider, releases Enterprise Copy Data Management (eCDM) software to address the increasing challenges of data sprawl. The eCDM software aims to reduce the escalating costs of storing...

How Energy Utility Companies Become Efficient and Profitable Using Cloud and Analytics
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Anubhav Dwivedi, CEO & Founder, Saviant Consulting

Utility Industry Situation Rapid changes are taking place in Water Utilities throughout the world. Their key focus is to make better use of data. Utility restructuring and privatization is a need. Utilities are under increasing pressure to...

The Convergence of Mobile and Tablet Technology: Sales Reps' Swiss Army Knife
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Brian Longo, General Manager, Commercial Products, Veeva Systems

Many life sciences field sales reps have too many redundant technology devices – smartphones, tablets, and desktop PCs. At some point soon,these devices are destined to...

A Time for Transformational Leadership
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John O Keefe, VP & CIO, Lafayette College

This past June, Lafayette College’s Division of Information Technology (IT) Services had the pleasure of hosting over 150 CIOs and other technology leaders from the top 70 liberal arts colleges in the country for the annual Consortium of...

The Opportunities and Challenges of an Integrated Approach to Engineering Systems
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Ron Watson Director, Xylem Inc

The last decade or so has brought immense change, challenges and opportunities for  organizations large, medium and small in how we author and manage product related information. Previous to this, Computer Aided Design (CAM) and Computer...

The Clinical Outsourcing Evolution and Future Direction of Technology-Based Partnerships
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Dr. MaryAnne Rizk, VP Global CRO Partner Business, Oracle

The Industry The Pharmaceutical Industry ranks as the fifth-most-profitable industry with approximately 6-7percent percent annual sales growth (Saftlas & Diller, 2006). However, out of 5,000 compounds discovered, only one ever reaches the...

Big Data : Delivering More with Less
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Jeff Cotrupe, Industry Director, Big Data and Analytics, Stratecast Frost & Sullivan

Hype Vs Reality in Big   Data  “We ourselves sometimes speak   about ‘Big Data solutions,’ but in   reality what our Stratecast Big Data   & Analytics practice is about...

Using Hadoop as an Analytics Catalyst
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Paul Kent, VP-Big Data, SAS

Your Chief Marketing Officer is pestering you to link social media data to sales, the risk team wants to run more data through high-speed analytics to prevent fraud before it occurs and the supply chain gurus are trying to manage an avalanche of...

MedData: Streamlining the Revenue Cycle with “Patient-Focused” Philosophy
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The Company is a leading provider of revenue cycle management processes of coding, billing, and collections with a proven compliance record.

Divensi Inc: Helping Organizations Extract Value From Growing Data Assets
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A firm focusing on data strategy, data architecture, data engineering, data analytics, and data science projects.

The Top 3 Factors for Effective Transportation Management
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Mike Pallo, Vice President of Transportation Sales at Kenco

Transportation is more than simply delivering items from point A to point B. It is a complex industry that requires technology, careful management and strategic thinking to successfully meet customers’ increasing demands. Now more than ever,...

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