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Importance of Intelligent Network Infrastructure for Enterprise Data Center
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A high-quality network is crucial for seamless data transfer within an organization or data center. But having an equally efficient hardware infrastructure is important for the network to be built on. Currently, all the network and hardware...

High-performance Data Center with Cost-Effective Megawatt Configurations
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Data centers, networked computers, and storage play a major role in processing, storing, and disseminating large amounts of data for businesses. Companies rely heavily on data center applications, services, and data for everyday tasks. Data center...

Transforming IT Infrastructure to Enhance Customer Service
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Steven John, CIO, AmeriPride

AmeriPride Services is a leading uniform rental and linen supply company in North America that provides linen, uniforms, floor care, restroom and cleaning products to nearly 150,000 customers each week and employs approximately 5,700. Founded in...

Adapting to the Cloud Without Compromising Security
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Michael Bouchet,

Public cloud means many things to different people. Enterprise usage of cloud today ranges across the spectrum-from no cloud movement at all to outsourcing everything to public cloud providers, and every flavor in between. Some enterprises have...

Caveat Emptor
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Chris Crosby, CEO, Compass Datacenter

Standards are typically best practices that have been formally agreed upon within an industry that provide customers a level of assurance that, the product they are purchasing meets a prescribed level of measurement for performance, safe...

Taking Advantage of the New Cloud Capabilities
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Todd Lant,Vice President-IT, Blackbaud

“Why would I ever put my email in the cloud?” is no longer a common conversation I hear when I visit other CIOs. Many have moved already, others are preparing to do so, or working to find the resources and gain consensus. Most of us,...

Lessons Learned - Cloud Transformation in the Enterprise
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John Cupit, Director, Cloud & Data Center Services, Global Solution Expert Team, Huawei Technologies USA Inc.

Not all roads lead to Nirvana.... I believe that most Enterprise CXOs today recognize the power of cloud technologies to transform the Enterprise and to create certain strategic imperatives moving forward. From my perspective, cloud services...

Data Center Efficiency and Agility to Prevent Getting Burned
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Marc Naese, VP-Data Center Business, Panduit.

Today’s business demands are putting a strain on both IT and facilities teams. Data traffic in data centers is growing at an unprecedented rate. According the Cisco Visual Networking Index, network traffic is growing at an increasing rate,...

Simplified Deployment and Management of Data Center and Network Operations
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Ari Bose, VP & CIO, Brocade

I see four big challenges technology that the networking industry needs to address: 1. Security–End-to-End security covering data center, networks, and end points– this needs to be predictive and enable smart analytics to baseline...

Building a University's Technology Infrastructure from the Ground Up
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Tom Hull, VP and CIO, Florida Polytechnic University

As Vice President and Chief Information Officer at only university wholly dedicated to science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). More than 550 students were part of the inaugural class, and that population has nearly doubled in our...

ITsavvy: Investing in Their Clients' Futures
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Offers disaster recovery, virtualization, data duplication and other infrastructure related services

Indmax: Delivering Apposite Solutions for Cloud, SaaS and Data Centre Operations
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A leading IT firm that offers solutions for Network and Data Centre Operations, Cloud Migration, Security Operations and IT Service Management

Ajubeo:Cutting through the Cloud Technology
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A privately held cloud Infrastructure as a Service provider

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