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Augmented Intelligence Is Improving the Customer Experience
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Tom Lutz, Senior Vice President & Chief Procurement Officer, U.S. Bancorp [NYSE: USB]

At U.S. Bank, customers and their experiences with us are central to everything we do. As we evolve with our customers, “One U.S. Bank” is the guiding principle that is transforming U.S. Bank for our employees and customers, and the...

Who Runs Retail? The Machines
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Michelle Grant, Head of Retailing, Euromonitor International

The arrival of Big Data and the ability to process it have led to improvements in machine learning, creating new use cases for this technology. As a result, machine learning, algorithms that execute tasks without preprogrammed rules, has become a...

Technological Impact on Customer Experience
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Diane Magers, CEO, Customer Experience Professionals Association

Evolution of Customer Experience With all the technology advances, we find that organizations that focus on human experiences to understand what customers need and want as well as their feelings about our brand’s services and products....

The New Flavor of Contact Center Solution
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It is safe to say that customer experience is valued above everything. It helps organizations connect with their customers on a personal level in order to deliver the highest value possible through products and services.  However, most of the...

How Artificial Intelligence Improves Contact Center Industry
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Matt Rocco, President, Etech Global Services

Artificial intelligence, or AI, is the gold standard in call center quality monitoring, and for good reason. Today’s automated call center quality monitoring software is so seamless in its integration that efficiencies resulting from its...

Using Artificial Intelligence to Improve Contact Center Industry
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Alice SesayPope, SVP, Customer Experience, Digital Transformation Executive, First Horizon National Corporation

How often have you heard that advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) will replace human beings especially at contact centers? Thoughts of Will Smith’s iRobot displacing human workers, come to mind. For the time being, AI would not...

Transforming Customer Experience with Information and Technology
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Jiunn Tan, CIO, Ascend One

In the era of media explosion, consumers are being bombarded by mes­sages and advertisements 24/7 across all media and channels. Compa­nies that could cut through the clutter by deliver­ing excellent customer experience would be...

From Madmen to Modern Marketers
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Clay Stobaugh, EVP & CMO, John Wiley and Sons

The age of the Madison Avenue man or aptly named “Madmen”, once they became television entertainment  themselves, focused on brand positioning and “unique selling propositions”. Television was the medium of maximum...

The New Wave of Technology
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Roman Trakhtenberg,

Challenges in Technology We are the technology providers for enterprises, not sure whether we can comment on behalf of clients. “Furthermore, there has been a drastic shift in the mix between the apportionment of hardware and software...

Teleperformance acquires Aegis branches in USA, Philippines and Costa Rica
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Global Leader in Multichannel Customer Experience, Teleperformance acquired Indian BPO Aegis’ operations in the US, Philippines and Costa Rica in a massive US $610 million deal. The French based company can now strengthen its ground in the...

The Evolution of Technology in Retail Customer Experiences
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Dr. Gary Edwards, Chief Customer Officer, Mindshare Technologies

I like to tell retailers that despite the proliferation of technology, they still need to do something old-fashioned – understand the customer. Customers continue to be king and queen, and the need to engage and retain them is as important...

The Omni- Channel Challenge
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Chad Ehmke, CIO, Sally Beauty Holdings

Retail and teh rise of teh Omni-Channel Experiencece It’s difficult to read any article lately regarding teh future of retail without coming across teh words “Omni- Channel”, or “Multi-Channel”. It’s even...

How to Manage Technology Challenges and Enable the Employee Experience
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Tran Taylor, CHRO, Blucora (NASDAQ: BCOR)

Human Resource and Executive leadership teams are continually challenged to improve the Customer Experience, which starts with the Employee Experience and ultimately by the Candidate Experience. Today, candidates have a multitude of ways of...

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