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Trianz: Harnessing the Cloud for Success
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A premium cloud services provider that helps clients formulate and execute their Cloud operational strategies to transform business and achieve results from a top-management point of view

Automation Technology will Evolve Call Centers
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Darren Wesemann, Senior Vice President, CTO, and Chief Product Officer, Connexion Point

Technology has been historically used in call centers to incrementally enhance offerings, expand footprints, and operate more efficiently over time. The realization of the benefits technology provided to call centers has usually depended on at...

Enhancing Configuration Management Software
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Roger Knupp,

One time, a CIO said to me that he didn’t know what I do so I wrote this article to give a quick understanding the Software Configuration Management (SCM) tools, how they’re used and additional notes. The names and functions may change...

Quality Management of Software in the Modern Enterprise - Challenges and Solutions
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Jay Nair,

Disruptive change at an ever increasing pace is the order of the day. Advancements in technology provide exciting opportunities for businesses to know their customers and their competitors better, engage their customers in new and better ways,...

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