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Why You Should Be Unreasonable about Your Packaging Processes and Demand Intelligent Capabilities
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Danielle Sauvé, Director of Customer Insights and Experience, Danaher Product Identification

Unreasonable expectations: we have all been subject to them and some of us have subjected others to them. Sometimes, our expectations are too high, but sometimes our own imaginations are limiting our progress. I believe the latter is true for...

Challenges and Rewards of Mobile Device Deployment
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Matthew Metcalfe, Director-IS, Northwest Exterminating

Without a doubt the deploy­ment of mobile devices is creating a huge impact on the way companies do business. A more paperless environment, the ease with which you can take a pay­ment from a customer and the ability to have relevant...

Why SharePoint is a Robust and Powerful Digital Platform?
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Sandy Jacolow, CIO, Silverstein Properties

As CIOs, one of our primary objectives is to transform the way our employees visualize information. Through our collaboration with business owners, we are facilitators of embraceable change, and we strive to enhance process efficiencies, access to...

What Has Your Intranet Site Done for You Lately?
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Bob Summers,

Increase the performance of your field workforce by turning your Intranet site into an employee and field-location-specific set of portals with Workflow. Like most companies of any size, ABC Fine Wine & Spirits (a Florida-based chain of...

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