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The 4 Novel Areas Where Robotics is Making a Mark
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The integration of emergent technologies such as AI and ML in robotics has widened the scope of robotics applications, leading to the automation of various processes across different sectors. FREMONT, CA: The integration of artificial...

Navigating Through the Technology Landscape of the Construction Sector
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Jon Witty, VP & GM, Sage Construction and Real Estate

Most construction companies don’t roll out the red-carpet when it comes to making big investments in information technology. In fact most construction companies will invest in almost anything else, especially if it can be charged to a job....

Embracing Change for IT in the Construction Sector
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Jason R. Kasch, CIO, Structural Group

The need to get our hands around data sprawl has proliferated itself more so recently than at any time in the past. Numerous trade magazines I have read, analysts I have talked to, and CIO events I have attended over the past 5 years, have tried...

Take it Back-to-Basics When Chasing Shiny New Objects
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Sam Lamonica, CIO, Rosendin Electric

Over the past five plus years, there have been an amazing number of technological advancements introduced to the construction industry. Many, if not most, of these technologies evolve either from the consumer space, military, or other established...

Technology Key to Building a Disruptive Networked Business
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Robert Crudup, EVP and CIO, SEI Investment Company

Industry after industry are being disrupted by new business models supported by technology platforms.  The rate of an industry’s disruption can be dramatic as exampled by firms like Uber which has redefined the for-hire personal...

Driving Engineering through Process Optimization
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Jason Kephart, CIO, Terracon

Sometimes the technology landscape can seem overwhelmingly diverse and challenging. As an IT leader it is important to observe the IT landscape, identify technologies or services that fit our business needs, and develop a strategy that leads to a...

Global Microspheres Market to Grow At a CAGR of 10.5%: A Technavio Report
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FREMONT, CA: Technavio, a technology research and advisory company announces teh global research market report. According to teh report teh microsphere market is expected to grow at a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 10.5% and is expected to...

Caterpillar to break Outsourcing deal with Navistar and frame its own Dump trucks
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Caterpillar Inc. a NYSE company – listed CAN, has recently announced that the company is eyeing to build dump trucks of its own brand at a plant located in Texas. Consequently, the company is planning to adjourn its tie-up with Navistar...

Independent QA/QC Services Inc.: Delivering a Multitude of Quality Inspection Services
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Independent QA/QC Services Inc is a company that caters to the QA and QC needs of the organizations in the semi-conductor, power, bio-pharmaceutical, solar and petroleum indutries

Delivering Healthcare Capital Projects
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Sidney J Sanders, Senior Vice President, Construction, Facilities Design and Real Estate, Houston Methodist

Background Owners with significant Capital Construction Programs face a myriad of challenges. Healthcare facilities in particular are challenging Capital Programs to execute as they are some of the most complex and costly buildings to build....

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