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Pryor Learning Solutions: 10,000+ Learning Opportunities for Continual Employee Training
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Provides Online training, On-site training, Government training, HR Training, IT Training, Grammar and Accounting

Shared Imaging: Enriching the Healthcare Industry with advanced imaging technologies
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The Company offers healthcare providers with diagnostic imaging technology and services as well as multi-vendor service solutions

Winterhawk Consulting: Building Resilient SAP GRC Solutions for Enterprises
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The Company provides end to end SAP GRC solutions, starting from deployment till the complete outsourcing as and when required by the customers in their SAP GRC lifecycle.

QualityWorks: Adding Agility to your Software Development Process
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A QA LLC that provides new project support, SCAMPI team support, nearshoring consultancy and various other QA consulting services along with QA architechture services and test management services

Cloudwick: Powering Data Driven Enterprises
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A big data systems integrator and managed service provider for the Global 1000.

Prominence and Future of MCML
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Computers can intelligently link data, identify relationships, draw conclusions, and make predictions with advances in computing power and new algorithms. This is the basis for new diagnostic tools in medicine, or in logistics and industrial...

Cyber Security Insurance: A Must Have for Educational Institutions
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Mimi Royston, CIO, American International College

As a CIO, IT security is one of a few things that keep me up at night. I read headlines about companies with many more resources than most higher education institutions having systems or data compromised and it scares me. How can I ever keep up?...

Software DRM/DFSS - Challenges and Opportunities for Software for Medical Devices
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Emily Byrne, Sr. Software Engineer, Medtronic

Introduction Following a now familiar pattern, software is increasing in importance through the medical device industry. As a regulated industry, this industry has specific requirements; as developers of life-enhancing and life-saving devices,...

Accenture Acquires DPS Services; Strengthens its Cybersecurity Offerings
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ARLINGTON, VA: Accenture acquires Defense Point Security (DPS) to help federal agencies minimise cyber threats. The acquisition will accelerate Accenture’s momentum in cyber security by deploying DPS expertise in advanced detection,...

Emergence of Next-Gen Wireless Networks to Propel the Growth of 3G and 4G Market: A Technavio Report
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FREMONT, CA: Technavio releases ‘Global 3Gand 4G Devices Market 2016-2020’ report covering the growth prospects of the global 3G/4G devices market. The research predicts the market to grow steadily at a CAGR of about 4% by 2020. The...

Building a University's Technology Infrastructure from the Ground Up
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Tom Hull, VP and CIO, Florida Polytechnic University

As Vice President and Chief Information Officer at only university wholly dedicated to science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). More than 550 students were part of the inaugural class, and that population has nearly doubled in our...

Data Breach Threats Lurk Within
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Steve Doston, CISO & VP, First Advantage

Almost every day, the media has a report of a cybersecurity breach. Target, Home Depot, Sony Pictures, Internal Revenue Service, the U.S. Government, big banks, hotels, and supermarkets have all been victims of cyber attacks. Recently a major...

The Opportunities and Challenges of an Integrated Approach to Engineering Systems
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Ron Watson Director, Xylem Inc

The last decade or so has brought immense change, challenges and opportunities for  organizations large, medium and small in how we author and manage product related information. Previous to this, Computer Aided Design (CAM) and Computer...

Virtual Engineering: A Key Enabler of Future Technologies
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George Constand, Chief Technical & Quality Officer, Dana Holding Corporation

The demand for technological change in the automotive industry has increased significantly and for the foreseeable future will continue to trend upward. Automakers are faced with meeting the latest safety and fuel economy regulations, as well as...

New Industrial Revolution Fueled By Technology Convergence
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Mitch Free, Founder & CEO, MFG.com

Manufacturing is what created wealth and built America into one of the greatest countries in the world. Manufacturing creates sustainable jobs and is the backbone of our ability to defend ourselves as a nation. It seems common sense that a strong...

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