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The Opportunities and Challenges of an Integrated Approach to Engineering Systems
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Ron Watson Director, Xylem Inc

The last decade or so has brought immense change, challenges and opportunities for  organizations large, medium and small in how we author and manage product related information. Previous to this, Computer Aided Design (CAM) and Computer...

Advances in Engineering Applications and Challenges in Global Process and Application Deployment
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Korhan Sevenler Director-PLM, Xerox

Amongst many changes in the engineering sector, over the past few years, advances in Engineering Applications have been impressive. Thanks to the developments in areas such as CAD and CAE, engineers can design products faster, cheaper and with...

AMC Bridge - A Trusted Partner for Digital Transformation in Engineering, Manufacturing, and Construction
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Mark Driscoll, Senior Director of Industrial & AEC Enterprise Sales

Digitalization Is Redefining Manufacturing for the Healthcare Industry
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Jan Siefert, Vice President Operations, Dentsply Sirona

A digital transformation has taken place in manufacturing, which is already impacting the healthcare industry. Manufacturers, their customers, and ultimately, patients are all benefiting from recent technology developments around digitalization....

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