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Safe System's BCP Blueprint to Aid Financial Institutions in Timely Disaster Recovery
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FREMONT, CA: Safe Systems, a provider of IT services and security solutions, announces the availability of BCP blueprint to provide resilience from the potential threats to financial institutions.  The Business Continuity Planning (BCP)...

Business Continuity in a Technology-Dependent World
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Michael Mullin,

Business Continuity in a Technology-Dependent World In today’s technology-dependent business world, when access to data and software is interrupted, whether by a temporary power outage or a full-scale disaster, the ability to conduct...

Creating a Successful Business Continuity Program
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Laurence Guihard-Joly, General Manager, IBM

In a world where natural and man-made threats challenge companies and organizations of all sizes across industries and locations every day, the drive to advance a competitive business strategy while reducing risks is a constant balancing act. If...

Organizational Resiliency: it's not just disaster recovery
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Michelle Cross, National Business Continuity Practice Leader, Wells Fargo Insurance Services, USA

When it comes to business recovery, IT often leads the way. IT has helped organizations be prepared with back-up servers, cold sites, hot sites and Cloud. Applications can be recovered and data can be restored in minutes but what happens next? Are...

Disaster Recovery Essentials:Why Data Movement is Crucial in a State of Emergency
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Paul Lavery, Sr. Director-Product Marketing, Cleo

In any disaster, the price of infrastructure damage has an immediate impact. Revenue generation is impeded in numerous ways throughout the duration of the disaster and recovery period. Yet, temporary losses to productivity may eventually be...

Evolve IP: The Game Changers in the Contact Center Space
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Provides cloud computing and cloud communications services on a single unified platform

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