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Improving the Quality and Accessibility of Hearing Aid Devices
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The technology advancements have become the root for few health-related issues. Listening to any audio with high volume—at nightclubs, bars, sports events, and many others—are the reasons that affect the hearing ability. The hearing...

The Secure by Design Challenge
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Tony Anscombe, Global Security Evangelist, ESET

As technology evolves, so do the challenges presented to network managers. One of the most complex areas, due to the multitude of connectivity options and device types, is the Internet of Things (IoT). Our workplaces and homes are now being...

Driving Business Activity through Behavioral Analytics
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Brian Scott, CIO,

I believe it’s safe to assume that most business people know at least a little about trade shows, having either been to one as an attendee interested in the products and services of exhibitors or as an exhibitor interested in meeting...

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